Feeding Baby: Not too Mushy, Not too Chewy

Baby Paul has been bellying up to the dinner table now for about five or six months. At first, things were going absolutely wonderfully. He loved his strained green beans, his pureed pears, and it was a safe assumption he was well on his way to turning orange from the sheer amount of sweet potatoes he was consuming.

I’ve never had a “good” eater before, and I was ecstatic to finally have a baby who was interested in my cooking.

And then he sprouted teeth, six to be exact, over the course of a quick couple months. And with those teeth apparently came a change in attitude when it comes to his culinary preferences.

finding first foods for baby

Most recently, he decided that he’s far too mature for pureed fruits and veggies. Try and feed him a spoonful of just about anything? Watch out, because you’re about to get your arm Judo chopped prime-time. Whatever is on that spoon will hit the fan far before it makes it to baby Paul’s mouth.

Baby food might be for babies, but my guy wants the good stuff. Basically, big chunks of steak, entire chicken wings, and sharp objects that will sure to make him gag like tortilla chips. In a nutshell, anything an adult (with a full set of teeth) would eat.

We’re in this weird place of being super hungry, not wanting baby food, yet not old enough to chew and swallow “adult” food properly. There’s been a lot of frustration on both our ends, and we’re trying to find a middle ground.

I know that in a few months down the road, this middle place of wanting what we can’t have will be a distant memory. But right now, I’m on the hunt of the perfect “big boy” baby food.

Not too mushy, not too chewy, but just right for baby.

What are you feeding your “I’m too cool for baby food” baby? Ideas and suggestions are very appreciated!

image source: mooshinindy

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