An Easy Tortilla Recipe Your Toddler Can Help With

My grandmother is always in the kitchen. The joy she gets from making meals for those she loves is unmatched by anything. Unfortunately I did not inherit that love for cooking (though she says she didn’t really get into cooking until she was older, so maybe there’s still hope for me). I can’t say I’m the greatest cook, but I enjoy helping my grandmother make some yummy Latino staples. Liam is also getting to an age where he just loves to help. Any time he sees us in the kitchen, he runs in and says, “Can I help?” So I thought it was about time he get some cooking lessons from Abuelita. 


The first cooking lesson was: How to make tortillas. Every Latino knows that tortillas go with every meal. For breakfast you can fill them with eggs or refried beans. For a snack, you can melt some cheese on top with a sprinkle of salt. For dinner, you can use them to scoop up the last bit of rice and chicken into your mouth. It’s the most versatile food enjoyed by all. And they’re very easy to make, so it’s perfect for a toddler activity. Here’s how.

  1. Get yourself some Maseca corn masa flour. Mix 1 cup of the corn flour with 2/3 cup of water.
  2. When you have a nice soft dough going, you divide the masa into 8 separate balls. Make sure your hands are wet so it doesn’t stick to your fingers.
  3. Press the balls into flat tortillas. My grandmother uses a Ziploc bag as a surface because the tortillas won’t stick to it.
  4. Heat up a skillet just a smidge above medium. Peel the tortilla off of the Ziploc bag and onto the skillet.
  5. Cook each side approximately one minute.
  6. Place in a basket and cover with a cloth napkin to keep them nice and warm.
  7. Enjoy!
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