Baby’s 1st Food Pictures

As a couple of ardent foodies (the mister and I), it’s no wonder our offspring take after us.

We’ve almost always have dinner together, and I have them around me (under me) while I cook.

It isn’t always easy, but it’s most definitely worth it. They go through their picky stages and are bound to go through more, but as long as we keep introducing a wide range of bright, colourful, fresh, non-pre fab foods, I think we’re going to be alright.

That is not to say we don’t order pizza every once in a while and that my littles don’t know what french fries or chocolate are. It’s just not a regular part of their diet.

These are some of my favourite pictures over the years, when both of my babies were experiencing their first bites of food…

  • Sweet Potato Love

    Sweet Potato Love

    Feeding on some sweet potato via his Auntie Stacia. In a bib that I coveted, and lost. Still sore about that one.

  • Morning Oatmeal

    Morning Oatmeal

    My little guy nomming on some apple cinnamon steel cut oats, fed to him by another one of his aunties, Ms. Melissa. As you can see, we didn’t do too bad on the food front (and coffee, oh, sweet coffee), either.

  • Sharing Biscuits

    Sharing Biscuits

    Organic brown rice husks have been a favourite for both of my babies. And apparently their friends too.

  • Proceed With Caution

    Proceed With Caution

    My man looking a little unsure of his first combo plate. In the end he did just fine with the sweet peas, whole wheat cous cous and blueberry yogurt.

  • Yummy Beans

    Yummy Beans

    We introduced a lot of veggies, right away to our young lad. Now that he’s two, greenery is not this foreign object and he does quite well at eating his veggies. You know, for the most part.

  • Bliss


    As seen here, Wyndham ravenously eating up his very first taste of organic brown rice cereal with bananas. Love at first bite.

  • The Mess-Maker

    The Mess-Maker

    It’s inevitable. Especially when I serve cous cous which is a favourite for both of them. Little miss is munching on an asparagus spear here.

  • Frozen Yogurt

    Frozen Yogurt

    Little Abby’s very first taste of heavenly, vanilla frozen yogurt. Adorably fed to her by her little-big brother.

  • Hot Date

    Hot Date

    Wyndham’s first time being included in a ladies fancy lunch. This is where he fell in love with olives. And with Ms. Kristen. (Our hot date).

  • Pea & Carrot Face

    Pea & Carrot Face

    Clearly thinking this food business is the best thing ever.

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