7 Baby-Friendly Lent Recipes for Celebrating the Lenten Season

The Lenten season officially began last week with Ash Wednesday kicking off seven weeks of Lent, leading up to Easter at the end of March. It is common for families who observe Lent to practice meatless Fridays as one of the Lenten traditions. Of course, that means lots of Lent recipes include seafood and vegetarian dishes, which can make for a great opportunity to expose your baby to wonderful (and different) food! Check out these 7 baby-friendly Lent recipes – one for each week of the Lenten season!

7 Baby-Friendly Lent Recipes for Celebrating the Lenten Season

  • 7 Baby-Friendly Lent Recipes

    7 Baby-Friendly Lent Recipes

    Celebrate Lent with these baby-friendly Lenten recipes!

  • Tuna Empanadas

    Tuna Empanadas

    Empanadas are easy for toddlers to hold in their hands, but can be mashed up for feeding to babies too. These tuna empanadas will make a great addition to your Lent recipe collection!

    Photo: Nibbles & Feasts

  • Potato Pillows

    Potato Pillows

    Perfect for little hands, these potato pillows are great for Lent or as a snack any other time of the year!

    Photo: Adriana’s Best Recipes

  •  Creamy Black Beans

    Creamy Black Beans

    While black bean soup may be something your baby will like too, these creamy black beans are even more perfect for easily feeding to your baby!

    Photo: Sweet Life

  • Tuna Fish Finger Sandwiches

    Tuna Fish Finger Sandwiches

    Even if you don’t think your baby or toddler will like tuna fish, this recipe for tuna fish finger sandwiches does a great job of sneaking it in and your baby won’t even know he’s eating tuna!

    Photo: Melanie Edwards/modernmami™

  • Chacales/Chuales (Dried Corn) Soup

    Chacales/Chuales (Dried Corn) Soup

    Soup is such a great way to feed babies a hearty meal and fill them up with veggies. This dried corn soup (chacales soup) may be best for older babies and toddlers, but is sure to warm their little bellies!

    Photo: Nibbles & Feasts

  • Lentils


    Filling and full of fiber, lentils make for a great meal for babies, especially if you mash them up a bit.

    Photo: Presley’s Pantry

  • Leche Poleada (Salvadoran Vanilla-Cinnamon Pudding)

    Leche Poleada (Salvadoran Vanilla-Cinnamon Pudding)

    Creamy and sweet, leche poleada is a Salvadoran pudding that mixes milk with vanilla and cinnamon for a delicious combination your baby will love!

    Photo: Latinaish

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