Avocado – My Son’s New Favourite Food

My son was one of the very few (strange) babies who has never liked avocado. It was the first food I tried feeding him and he wasn’t interested at all. My daughters, on the other hand, were the polar opposite. They’ve been devouring these soft, buttery fruits since they were babies and still ask for them on a daily basis.


During a family camping trip a couple of weeks ago, while I was preparing tomatoes and avocados for our sandwiches, my son asked for a piece. At first I thought he wanted a slice of tomato, but it turned out he was looking for the avocado. After one slice, he asked for another, and then another, until he ate the entire fruit. He ate two avocados that night and has been eating them every day since.

To say I was thrilled would be an understatement! It was a reminder that a baby’s taste and food preferences change quickly. If they don’t like something, try again a couple of weeks to a month later and they may end up liking it!

Avocados are rich in all sorts of nutrients, and are one of my favourite foods. Guacamole, smoothies, sandwiches and other delicious treats can be made using these green beauties. Here are a few simple no cook recipes that incorporate avocados and one mom’s thoughts on feeding avocado to her 6-month old.

Does your baby like avocados?

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