An Easy & Healthy Summertime Snack for Baby

Beck has recently discovered the joy of candy. The other day a bag of Sixlets tipped over in the pantry and I’ve never seen the kid scoot so fast to shove as many in his mouth as he could before I had the chance to clean them up. So I’ve been looking for something that will equally delight him and I think these frozen yogurt dots will do just the trick. Read how to make them below.

Simply take your favorite kind of yogurt, put it in a plastic baggie and cut the corner as if it were frosting, dot the yogurt onto a pan covered in parchment paper, then stick in the freezer. So easy, right? And much less messy than regular yogurt.

You can see full details on these colorful yogurt dots right here on Small Fry.

image: Small Fry

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