A Sippy Cup for Every Pint-Sized Disney Fan

We’re actively transitioning baby Paul from the bottle to a sippy cup. It’s proved to be more challenging than I expected it would be, and I’m hoping that in a few weeks I can pack up the bottles for good. So right now, I make sure he has access to a sippy cup of water at all times. Even if he’s just playing with it opposed to actually using it, it’s good practice.

Yesterday, when I was making my weekly pilgrimage to Target, I spied a few new kiddo cups from Disney. Of course I picked up a two-pack for baby Paul.

I love these slim-line non-insulated cup not only because they look really adorable but also because they work really well. Tight sealing, and easy to clean, and even though the cups have graphics on them, you can still see how much liquid is left to drink.

Behold, the Slim Line 2-pack Sippy Cup collection at Target:

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