A New Way for Big Sister to Help: Making Toddler Friendly Food

One of the things I have loved about having a fairly large age gap between my kids is that my older daughter is so helpful with her little sister. Sure, there are times when she wants to just do her own thing, and I respect her space, knowing that I’m the mom, and the help she gives me is just a fantastic bonus. But usually, Zinashi wants to be helpful with Elvie. Now that Elvie is exiting babyhood and becoming more of a toddler, there are fewer little things that I need a six-year-old’s help with. I’ve been trying to think of new ways that Zinashi can feel like a helper, and I’ve found just the thing: helping prepare toddler friendly meals! I’ve been looking for a cookbook for kids that is very simple, but has a variety of recipes that the whole family, including Elvie, can enjoy, and I think the Disney It’s a Small World After All: Feed Our Small World cookbook is just right.

The cookbook features toddler-friendly recipes like Jammin’ Jammy Scones, Sensational Sesame-soy Noodles, Caliente Veggie Quesadilla, and Buttery Shortbread. Along with each recipe, there are facts about the culture it came from, so while my big girl is cooking for my little girl, she can also be learning. And when Elvie is bigger, I know that Zinashi will be more than willing to pass on her knowledge, as well as her cooking skills. If you’ve got a big brother or sister who wants to help make meals that your toddler can enjoy, you can purchase Disney It’s a Small World After All: Feed Our Small World from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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