A Fringe Benefit of Nursing

You don’t have to look hard to find plenty of reasons to breastfeed your baby. The financial savings, the time for bonding, the antibodies, and on and on. But I’ve never heard anyone talk about one of my favorite side benefits of nursing:

A break for introverts. See, I’m a classic introvert. I love being around people, but I find it fairly exhausting, even people I love dearly.

And so, I absolutely love the fact that, every couple of hours, I have the most iron-clad excuse to sneak away and spend twenty minutes reading a book (oh, and feed my infant).


When my older daughter was five months old, we went to my in-laws house for Christmas for about five days. And during that time, I read three of the Harry Potter books, sitting in a comfortable chair in the basement, while nursing my daughter (she was a very slow eater). It was one of my favorite trips ever because I could enjoy all the time with family, but I also got to be by myself without feeling guilty.

We had dinner with some close friends on Christmas Day and after dinner, but before dessert, I got to go upstairs and be alone with my baby and my book for just enough time to recharge my social batteries.


Am I the only one who loves this part of nursing? (I can imagine, though, that for an extrovert, it might be excruciating to miss the fun, even for twenty or thirty minutes).


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