8 Tips for Keeping Little Ones Hydrated

Summer is in full swing. With that come endless opportunities for fun in the sun and adventures with little ones in tow. Whether it’s playing in the sprinklers or the swimming pool for the first time or heading to the local farm or a park for a picnic, there are endless things to see, do and experience during this sunshine filled season.


But with the sunshine come warm temperatures and the need to take extra precautions to ensure you and your little ones stay hydrated. It’s suggested that maintaining a “good hydration routine” will be beneficial to your little one. During the summer months I find that I start to not feel well if I am not drinking enough fluids so it’s important for us mamas too.

If your little one is being very active and exerting a lot of energy or it is “hot, humid, or dry outside” that’s a good reason to drink some water. It’s refreshing, doesn’t stain clothing and the best way to prevent dehydration.  Here are 8 tips to help keep older babies and toddlers hydrated during the summer months:

  • 8 Tips for Keeping Little Ones Hydrated

    8 Tips for Keeping Little Ones Hydrated

    Find out 8 things you can do to keep your little one hydrated during the hot summer months!

  • Offer “high water-volume foods”

    Offer “high water-volume foods”

    According to Kaboose offering foods and snacks with “high water-volume” can help up water consumption. Fruits and vegetables like watermelon and cucumber and even milk products like yogurt all have high water-volume.

  • Offer fluids often

    Offer fluids often

    Be sure to offer fluids with all foods and snacks.

  • Use a special cup

    Designate a special fun cup for your little one. Having a fun cup that’s all theirs might make drinking more fun!

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  • Rest often

    Rest often

    Take breaks in between playtime. Use them to rest, enjoy the shade and drink up. According to Kaboose children should take a “water time-out every 15-20 minutes” when engaging in outside play.

  • Add flavor

    Add flavor

    Avoid sugary drinks and instead, add fresh fruits or vegetables to water to add natural flavor to water.

  • Use a straw

    Use a straw

    Little ones love straws – restaurant straws, crazy straws, striped straws, they love them. While some toddlers can handle drinking out of a cup with a straw others might benefit from spill proof cups that come with straws.

  • Keep it with you

    Be sure to keep a bottle (or sippy cup!) of water with you at all times.

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  • Make it fun

    Kaboose suggests playing games such as counting “big gulps of water.”

    Read more tips at Kaboose!

If you are concerned about dehydration contact your medical care provider immediately. You can read about the signs of dehydration over at Babyzone. What are some ways you ensure your little one stays hydrated?

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