6 Adorable and Spooky Halloween Snacks for Toddlers

I have a toddler boy and 14-month-old baby girl who loves to eat. She has 4 teeth going on….10? At least that what it seems — with the amount of drooling and teething she’s been doing.

With Halloween coming up, I’m in the thick of costume, craft, and menu planning. You see, I’m one of those people who really loves Halloween. (And Christmas, but we need not talk about that one yet. Sorry for even bringing it up.)

About those treats. We all know that treats from around this time of year until basically after the New Year are in large and heady, delicious abundance. Who am I to deny my little sweethearts of goodies? Which is precisely why they will indeed have some tastes of chocolate and candy. Some. 

We’re a pretty healthy family, although not hardcore about it. It’s all about moderation, especially when it comes to giving sugar to our little ones. So, I’ve rounded up some healthier options for those of you with babies and toddlers — from everyday healthy treat ideas that you can test out now, to some very Halloween specific, adorable spooky treats!

  • Black Bean Cat Crudités

    Black Bean Cat Crudités

    How imaginative is this? You may not be aware of it yet, but older babies (especially toddlers), LOVE it when you make animals and faces with their food.

    Instructions and recipe can be found on Spoonful

  • Carrot Finger Food

    Carrot Finger Food

    My son loves carrots and hummus (so I’d substitute that instead of the creamy dip). I’m curious to see what his reaction will be when I plunk this down in front of him!

    Get the instructions via Spoonful

  • Apple Bites

    Apple Bites

    Imaginative! Surely kids of all ages will be entertained by these little chompers. I would substitute a hard cheddar in place of the almond for teeth, as both of my little ones ove apples and cheese, and I’m not giving my 14-month-old nuts quite yet.

    The easy instructions can be found over on Spoonful

  • Ghost Toasties

    Ghost Toasties

    So easy and so cute!

    Instructions and more ideas can be found over on Spoonful

  • Snack-o'-Lantern


    Uhm. You just died right? These are my favourite! A clever idea, sure to make them smile.

    Step-by-step instructions can be found over at Spoonful

  • Goblin Grins

    Goblin Grins

    Who thinks of this stuff? Once again, you could use a hard cheddar (white) to replace the almond sliver for the teeth.

    Instructions via Spoonful

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