5 Toddler Friendly Finger Foods You Can Find Almost Anywhere

Some days, things just take longer than expected. This happens when I am on my home turf and when I travel. While I always take plenty of diapers and a fresh sippy cup to keep my toddler happy, from time to time we run up against mealtime, and we have no plans for a toddler friendly meal. While those of us who are older than seventeen months can understand that food will come if we just wait a bit longer than usual, for a toddler this makes no sense, and pretty soon we’re on the fast train to Meltdown City. We need a toddler friendly meal, and we need it fast, and we need it to come without fuss. No need for forks, spoons, or knives. Particularly when this scenario presents itself when we’re driving somewhere, I often show up in the nearest convenience store with no idea just what to look for. I can’t see the finger food forest for the snack trees all around me. So I’ve come up with a short list of what to look for and grab that can make a toddler friendly meal in a hurry. Detour to Meltdown City averted, crisis under control.

  • No need to cut, spoon, or otherwise prepare...

    No need to cut, spoon, or otherwise prepare...

    …these foods are readily available and ready for your toddler to eat.

  • Bananas


    From coffee shop counters to convenience store aisles, there are few places that you can’t find a banana, peel it, and hand half to your toddler.

  • Raisins


    It’s a great idea to keep a box of these in your bag at all times, but if you’ve gone through what you’ve got or, like me, just haven’t planned ahead this time, you can find raisins in most drugstores, convenience stores, and small grocery stores.

  • String Cheese

    String Cheese

    Add a bit of portable protein to the meal with the ubiquitous cheese stick. If your toddler can’t yet bite off chunks, it’s super easy to just pull a bite sized bit off and hand it over.

  • Crackers


    Whether they’re cheese and peanut butter crackers in a snack sized package or a whole box, plenty of crackers are toddler friendly, and you’re bound to find something that will work for your little one.

  • Muffins


    Muffins are easy to break into manageable pieces and often contain fruit. Win-win! Whether it’s a fresh-baked muffin from a coffee shop or a packaged one from a convenience store, muffins are available almost anywhere and can round out your toddler’s emergency meal.

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