22 Nutritious & Delicious St. Patrick’s Day Snacks & Treats!

Make your baby’s first St. Patrick’s Day memorable with some of these fun and yummy ideas.

These are all great family foods that all ages can enjoy together, too. I specialize in finding and making food that’s nutritious and fun, so enjoy the roundup!

  • St Patty's Day Snack & Food Ideas!

    St Patty's Day Snack & Food Ideas!

    All green, all nutritious, ALL delicious.

  • Leprechaun Fruit Snack

    Leprechaun Fruit Snack

    Simple and adorable!
    Get the instructions via Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

  • Double Rainbow Fruit Kabobs

    Double Rainbow Fruit Kabobs

    More simple, darling ideas for your little ones (and yourself), because I love you. (And themed food.)
    Get the instructions via Quick Dish

  • Festive Fruit Skewers

    Festive Fruit Skewers

    Very charming – great idea for a party or a sweet surprise for your toddlers!
    Get the directions via Get Creative Juice

  • Colcannon


    I couldn’t leave this traditional Irish dish out in the cold. Especially since it’s perfect for stage 1 eaters too!
    Get the recipe via Blommi

  • Leprechaun Bento

    Leprechaun Bento

    A blog dedicated to bento box lunches for little ones is something I can truly get behind. Especially when the ideas are as stellar as this!
    Get the instructions via Bentoriffic

  • Pistachio Muffins

    Pistachio Muffins

    My toddlers absolutely love them some muffins.
    Get the recipe via Hannah Keeley

  • Food Art!

    Food Art!

    Love the simplicity of this. Very recently, my 3-year-old has gotten into dipping choice vegetables that pass his scrutiny into hummus dip. Praise be.
    Get the simple directions via Martha Stewart

  • Grapesicles


    The name alone testifies to the awesomeness of this snack idea.
    Idea via Rosemarried

  • Parmesan Kale Chips

    Parmesan Kale Chips

    Indeed. Don’t knock ‘em till you try ‘em. It’s the crunch factor and the addition of cheese and coarse sea salt that we dig over here at my house.
    Get the recipe via Whole Foods Market

  • Lucky Lunch

    Lucky Lunch

    Okay, so not all items on this little plate are nutritious. I’m all about substitutions.
    Idea via Meet The Dubiens

  • Green Garbanzo Hummus

    Green Garbanzo Hummus

    Hummus was one of the first staple foods that both of my little ones immediately adored. I hear it’s common amongst the little people, which is good because chick peas are packed with protein and are gluten free!
    Get the recipe via Whole Foods Market

  • Zucchini Potato Pancakes

    Zucchini Potato Pancakes

    Another one suitable for yogurt (to the utter glee of your babies), dipping.
    Get the recipe via Sharon Sweets

  • Fruit Rainbow

    Fruit Rainbow

    While that may look like whip cream at the ends of that juicy rainbow there, you can totally substitute that with plain, vanilla or maple flavoured yogurt, (No need to buy it, just make your own. If you have vanilla extract or maple syrup, you are good to go.)
    Get the instructions via Happy Clippings

  • Oh Happy Day

    Oh Happy Day

    What little one wouldn’t do their own little jig upon receiving this for lunch? I’m grown and I would. (Don’t judge.)
    Get the instructions via Lisa Storms

  • Green Goodenss

    Green Goodness

    More green smoothie deliciousness.
    Get the smoothie recipe via Alkaline Sisters

  • Kiwi Shamrocks

    Kiwi Shamrocks

    Pretty self explanatory, yet magnificent!
    Idea via Be Different, Act Normal

  • Shammy Love

    Shammy Love

    Clearly, I had no idea that there were so many blogs dedicated to the sole purpose of creating Bento Box masterpieces. Now I know.
    Idea via Bentoriffic

  • Good-For-You-Cupcakes!


    Get the recipe via Family Fresh Cooking

  • Broccoli Soup

    Broccoli Soup

    Without all of the cream. I like. A hearty soup for little eaters, not yet onto stage 2 or 3 foods!
    Get the recipe via Parents

  • Veggie Rainbow

    Veggie Rainbow

    With guacamole (THE perfect food) for dipping.
    Instructions and guacamole recipe via Parents

  • Lucky Spinach Quiche

    Lucky Spinach Quiche

    Yes, I am saving the more complicated dishes for last, for those true foodies out there.
    Get the recipe via Diamonds For Dessert

  • Potato & Kale Bubble & Squeak

    Potato & Kale Bubble & Squeak

    Oh, the deliciousness. Another traditional Irish dish perfect for the holiday!
    Get the recipe via Whole Foods Market

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