20 Nutritious Valentine’s Day Treats

Any time a holiday rolls around, you can be guaranteed that sugared-up treats aren’t far off. In my humble opinion, sugar and babies don’t mix.

Which is why I’m always on the hunt for nutritious treats that will put a huge smile on my little ones’ faces without the worry.

Enjoy my finds and have fun whipping something up for your own munchkins!

  • Shower Them With Love...

    Shower Them With Love...

    Without all of the sugar! 20 awesomely adorable recipes and easy food tutorials up ahead.

  • Calzone Hearts

    Calzone Hearts

    Little mini calzones in the shape of hearts? Toddler and big kids will rejoice in the yummy cuteness.
    Get the recipe via Make Zine

  • Apple Hearts & V-Day Dip

    Apple Hearts & V-Day Dip

    A sweet little snack idea!
    Get the instructions and recipe for the dip via Babble

  • X O Pancakes

    X O Pancakes

    Love this idea! I’m a big fan of making shapes out of pancakes, as are my toddlers. I love that a toddler can help do this one in the kitchen , I can’t wait to try it out with my eldest (3)
    Get the recipe and instructions via Cooking With My Kid

  • Tomato Hearts

    Tomato Hearts

    So easy, yet so awesome. Brilliant idea!
    Get the instructions via Recipe by Photo

  • Pizzas With Heart

    Pizzas With Heart

    If you have toddlers, then you have munchkins that love pizza. The options for toppings are endless. I know mine would love ham, broccoli and pineapple.
    Get the recipe and instructions via Once Upon a Cutting Board

  • Heart Shaped Egg

    Heart Shaped Egg

    Another easy, yet ridiculously cute idea for any day really!
    Get the instructions via Anna The Red

  • Love Bite

    Love Bite

    I’m loving all of these simple ideas, making themed recipes and snack ideas approachable for all!
    Learn more via Cool Mom Picks

  • Heart Shaped Potatoes

    Heart Shaped Potatoes

    So. Stinkin’. Cute. And yummy.
    Get the recipe and instructions via Haniela’s

  • Heart Shaped Ravioli

    Heart Shaped Ravioli

    Pretty sure I’ve seen these before at the grocery store if you aren’t into making it from scratch, but the recipe is quite easy. Just sayin’.
    Get the recipe via Annie’s Eats

  • Heart Shaped Carrots

    Heart Shaped Carrots

    Steam them on their own with some butter and salt or honey an mint – or add them into a soup or stew! Little ones will love it.
    Get the tutorial via Recipe by Photo

  • Heart Shaped Melon Kabobs

    Heart Shaped Melon Kabobs

    A small plastic, heart shaped cookie cutter will get you far in life. It’s been my favourite thing this week for making all sorts of heart shaped goodies.
    Get the tutorial via Munchkins & Mayhem

  • Heart Shaped Sushi

    Heart Shaped Sushi

    Everyone will be happy with this one. So darling.
    Get the recipe and instructions via Holly’s Helpings

  • Heart Shaped Chicken Pot Stickers

    Heart Shaped Chicken Pot Stickers

    YUM! Yes, you have to share these with your little ones.
    Get the recipe via Babble

  • Artisan V-Day Bread

    Artisan V-Day Bread

    Heart shaped pretzels FTW! A great choice for teething babies (stage 3 eaters and up) and toddlers.
    Get the recipe via Artisan Bread in Five

  • Valentine's Day Breakfast

    Valentine's Day Breakfast

    We just made our own version of these for lunch and they were a big hit with our 16 month old and 3 year old. Okay, we loved them too.
    Get the instructions via Cute Food for Kids

  • Heart Shaped Lunch

    Heart Shaped Lunch

    Perfect for a little one who’s off to daycare for the day or for those who stay at home.
    Get the instructions via Lisa Storms

  • Sweet Potato Heart Crackers

    Sweet Potato Heart Crackers

    Oh, a most delicious and nutritious snack / side dish for little eaters! I’m thinking that the hummus recipe up ahead would be a perfect dipper for these.
    Get the instructions via Babble

  • Beet Hummus

    Beet Hummus

    I know what you’re thinking. No way my baby or toddler will eat that. Just give it a try – you may be surprised. My little loves can’t get enough hummus.
    Get the recipe via Babble

  • Heart Shaped Beets

    Heart Shaped Beets

    I’d wager that these would work well baked up as chips as well! Delicious adorableness.
    Get the instructions via Fly Away Vegan

  • More Heart Shaped Sushi Awesomeness

    More Heart Shaped Sushi Awesomeness

    Please. Give me heart shaped sushi every day.
    Learn more via Studio Nihon

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