20 Coolest Rainbow Recipes for Spring

If St. Patrick’s Day didn’t put you in the rainbow-loving spirit, then surely the upcoming (except apparently here in New York) springtime has you craving colors.

To celebrate all things spring, here’s a round-up of my favorite RAINBOW recipes — from party treats to healthy snacks.

  • The Original Rainbow Cake

    The Original Rainbow Cake

    Here’s the rainbow cake that started them all — which, of course, means that there are dozens (hundreds?) of copycat recipes on Pinterest. The basic idea (which I’ve made myself) is to bake six even layers of white cake, color them with GEL food coloring (from craft stores), and cover in white frosting. Time consuming, but pretty easy.

    Get the recipe from Whisk Kid.

  • Natural Layer Rainbow Cake

    Natural Layer Rainbow Cake

    If you’d rather your little ones not ingest a ton of artificial food dye, this cake is made with all-natural dyes using fruits and vegetables. I think the pretty pastels are just perfect for SPRING!

    Get the recipe from

  • Rainbow Cake in a Jar

    Rainbow Cake in a Jar

    You could even make individual rainbow cakes, baked inside mason jars!

    Get the recipe from

  • All-Natural Rainbow Cake in a Jar

    All-Natural Rainbow Cake in a Jar

    Once again, you can take the same general idea (cake in a jar) and use all-natural dyes.

    Get the recipe from

  • Rainbow Cupcakes

    Rainbow Cupcakes

    Or make rainbow cupcakes, layering different colored batter inside the muffin tins before baking.

    Get the recipe from

  • Rainbow Pasta

    Rainbow Pasta

    Or skip the rainbow dessert altogether and opt for a healthier “rainbow” dinner for your little toddler.

    Get the recipe from

  • Rainbow Popsicles

    Rainbow Popsicles

    A fun summery treat for when the weather warms up.

    Get the recipe from

  • Rainbow Skewers with Sweet Yogurt Dip

    Rainbow Skewers with Sweet Yogurt Dip

    A healthy rainbow snack — whether for party guests or an ordinary Wednesday.

    Get the recipe from

  • Sparkly Rainbow Marshmallow Kabobs

    Sparkly Rainbow Marshmallow Kabobs

    A super easy yet stunning rainbow dessert idea.

    Get the recipe from The Decorated Cookie.

  • Rainbow Cake Pops

    Rainbow Cake Pops

    Who doesn’t love a good cake pop? Especially when you can bite into a rainbow.

    Get the recipe from

  • Rainbow Fruit Tart

    Rainbow Fruit Tart

    I can hear you all saying it now: “WHY didn’t I think of that?” Add this topping to your favorite fruit tart recipe, or check out the link below (which, by the way, is an awesome blog. I’m totally listening to all of her party playlists right now).

    Get the recipe from Eats and Beats.

  • Rainbow Doughnuts

    Rainbow Doughnuts

    Mini doughnuts turned RAINBOW!

    Get the recipe from Chickabug.

  • Catch a Rainbow Cake

    Catch a Rainbow Cake

    You just need a handful of jelly beans and marshmallows to make this cake-topping rainbow.

    Get the recipe from

  • Rainbow Pancakes

    Rainbow Pancakes

    Rather than make a 6-layered rainbow cake, why not make a stack of rainbow PANCAKES! It’s the same basic idea — add food coloring to various bowls of batter — but this is topped with maple syrup rather than icing. This might be the most beautiful breakfast I’ve ever seen.

    Get the recipe from I Am Baker.

  • Rainbow Ice Cubes

    Rainbow Ice Cubes

    Use frozen fruit cubes to turn an ordinary drink into a rainbow of colors.

    Get the recipe from

  • Rainbow Bread

    Rainbow Bread

    Forget the sweets for a minute — why not whip up a batch of homemade bread? With a rainbow on the inside?

    Get the recipe from Flour On Her Nose.

  • Rainbow Cubes

    Rainbow Cubes

    For baking enthusiasts, here’s a more challenging (but infinitely more impressive) rainbow recipe to try. It’s a (rainbow) variation of a Spekkoek, which is a Dutch-Indonesian layered cake.

    Get the recipe from Hungry Rabbit.

  • White Rabbit Rainbow Cookies

    White Rabbit Rainbow Cookies

    The recipe for these bakery-level rainbow cookies is much easier than I would have expected.

    Get the recipe from Hungry Rabbit.

  • Rainbow Cheesecake

    Rainbow Cheesecake

    And let’s not forget about the cheesecake-loving family.

    Get the recipe from Thoughts of Scrapbooking.

  • Jello Rainbow Cups

    Jello Rainbow Cups

    These multi-layered Jello cups are appropriate well after St. Patrick’s Day — as in, like, any day.

    Get the recipe from

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