12 Deliciously Green Baby Food Ideas For St. Patrick’s Day

The second best thing about St. Patrick’s Day, after all the green clothes and leprechaun searches, is the opportunity to serve green food and have your kids get excited about it!  But what about baby?  Baby can’t really enjoy a bright green cupcake, corned beef, or many of the other treats we eat to celebrate the day of the Irish.  But baby can get in on the festivities by adding some green food at meal time!  Here are 12 totally appropriate, baby-friendly meal options that will have baby seeing, and eating green for St. Patty’s Day!

  • Spinach and Grape Smoothie

    Spinach and Grape Smoothie

    Three ingredients is all you’ll need to make this nutritious and yummy green smoothie for baby to sip on. Find the recipe here

  • Italian Green Vegetable Puree

    Italian Green Vegetable Puree

    This delicious puree is a simple mix of some veggies with a bit of pasta sauce and Parmesan added into for flavor. Add some alphabet noodles for novelty and cute factor. You can find this recipe on Weelicious

  • Green Chicken Quinoa Puree

    Green Chicken Quinoa Puree

    This actually sounds so good I want to try it! A mix of chicken, quinoa and a couple of simple vegetables make this an interesting mix of flavors and textures for baby to try! Get the recipe from One Handed Cooks

  • Green Goodness Puree

    Green Goodness Puree

    Chock full of nutritious green veggies, this puree of broccoli, peas and zucchini is easy and quick to make, and just perfect for St. Patrick’s Day! Find this yummy recipe at One Handed Cooks

  • Zucchini and Pea Pasta

    Zucchini and Pea Pasta

    For a bit more advanced eater, ready to move on from purees, try this simple recipe for adding zucchini and peas to pasta. Nutritious and great for helping baby learn to self feed. Find the recipe at One Handed Cooks

  • Green Eggs

    Green Eggs

    Add a bit of food coloring to the traditional deviled egg recipe for a fun and festive touch that everyone, in the family, including baby can eat. Find the recipe here

  • Green Baby Food

    Green Baby Food

    The titles says it all, well almost all. This baby food is indeed green, but with an interesting flavor mix of ingredients, it’s anything but ordinary. Add this green food to your St. Patrick’s Day menu and get the recipe from One Handed Cooks

  • Simple Homemade Green Beans

    Simple Homemade Green Beans

    Sure it’s fun to get adventurous with your baby food recipes, but every now and then you just want to keep it simple. Steam up some green beans and puree for a simple quick and easy way to add some green to your baby’s St. Patrick’s Day meal. Get the recipe at Crackers and Carrots

  • Green Spinach Pasta

    Green Spinach Pasta

    Toddler Tastes shares how to make this yummy spin on chicken pasta, great for St. Patrick’s Day and all year long really.

  • Green Peas

    Green Peas

    Like green beans, green peas make another yummy and very green baby food puree. Super easy and quick, get the recipe at Fabulous Finds By Tiffany

  • Pot Of Gold Soup

    Pot Of Gold Soup

    While not exactly green, I couldn’t resist including this recipe in the mix for my St. Patrick’s Day feast. Made of butternut squash, this soup looks and sounds tasty and delicious for the whole family, including baby. Get the recipe at Spoonful

  • Sweet Shamrocks

    Sweet Shamrocks

    Using refrigerated breadsticks, you can make these darling clover shaped pretzels for baby to gnaw on! Feel free to leave off the sanding sugar if you wish, but either way this fun finger food is a great and festive snack for the whole family! Get the recipe and how-to at Spoonful

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