10 Essentials for the Nursing Mother

One of my biggest surprises of new motherhood has been how difficult and trying nursing turned out to be. After all, how could something so natural feel so… unnatural? So painful? So much work? Luckily, I had an amazing support system of encouraging women that advised the following tools during those first hard days. They’ve become lifesavers for me, and I’m so excited to pass along these great ideas to you!:

  • nipple shield

    nipple shield

    If your little one is a barracuda sucker, you might find yourself sending a friend or family member to make a midnight run for a nipple shield. It’s the perfect temporary fix to get some relief while feeding your hungry baby.


  • your favorite TV show

    your favorite TV show

    Nursing can be a full-time job until you get the hang of it. Keep a few of your favorite TV shows and DVDs handy for those marathon nursing and pumping sessions!

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  • breast pump

    breast pump

    If you’re nursing, you’re pumping. Choose a breast pump that fits your needs, whether you’re shopping for manual, automatic or a fancy hands-free version.

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  • la leche league international

    la leche league international

    Before you embark on your breastfeeding adventures, get a La Leche League International consultant on speed dial. These ladies are angels and have saved me more times than I care to admit! Bonus? A few make house calls if you’re in the middle of a nursing crisis with a screaming baby.

    Image: La Leche League International.

  • lansinoh


    I really should have bought stock in this gel, as I go through tubes of this in one week, easily. Perfect for soothing sore nipples and protecting your breasts daily.

    Image: Amazon.

  • nursing bra

    nursing bra

    A good nursing bra can transform a nursing mother’s life. Make sure you allow for some breathability to prevent soreness from engorgement or cracked nipples.

    Image: Target.

  • nursing cover

    nursing cover

    I still haven’t mastered the art of nursing in public, but I’ve got a nursing cover in my diaper bag for when I muster the courage to try. A must-have!


  • the womanly art of breastfeeding

    the womanly art of breastfeeding

    This book has taught me countless tips and tricks for learning how to properly nurse my baby. I’m amazed at how much information is available for every kind of baby and mother around – highly recommend!

    Image: Amazon.

  • nursing pads

    nursing pads

    Trust me; you need only experience one leakage in public to know that nursing pads are a must. Disposable nursing pads are handy to stash in your diaper bag for quick changes throughout the day!

    Image: Walgreens.

  • v-neck tees

    v-neck tees

    V-neck tees and jeans have become my new uniform, as the V-neck is the perfect nursing-friendly shirt! Trust me on this.

    Image: American Apparel.

Happy nursing, friends. And remember – it will get easier!

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