Winter Brights: 22 Handmade Ways to Add a Pop of Color to Your Little’s Wardrobe

Winter blues. They sometimes happen when we break into winter. You say goodbye to those bright summer prints and hello to lots of layers. But you can still spruce up by adding brights into your littles’ wardrobes this winter. Don’t stray towards the dark winter hues. Instead, opt for great bold and fun colors to show off your little sunshine. Everyone needs some pop of color pretties in their life.

So, how about a little inspiration before you shop? Browse through 22 must-have brights to add the perfect pop of color into your baby’s wardrobe. From fun headbands to bright stripes, you will have plenty of reasons to add color for the winter season.

  • Bright Sock Monkey Hat

    Bright Sock Monkey Hat

    Yep, that is my Grayson! We get so many compliments on this hat from his newborn photo shoot. But, believe it or not – he wears it everyday when brave the cold outside. I love the bright colors.

    Buy it from M Roche Crochet

  • Oh-So-Pretty


    Made of yellow and pink fish leather, these colorful baby shoes are bold and just beautiful.

    Buy them from Vibys

  • Striped Brights

    Striped Brights

    Adorable hand knitted sweater is the perfect pops of color; yellow, fuchsia and purple!

    Buy it from Sweet Meadow Sweet

  • Floral Fabric

    Floral Fabric

    You may think floral is just for summer but think again! This fun bright colored shoe with an adoring peach side flower is perfect with those perfect winter layers.

    Buy it from Folly Parade

  • Pop of Yellow

    Pop of Yellow

    Who wouldn’t love this trendy chevron pattern vest to bring some sunshine to a winter wardrobe. So cute!

    Buy it from Olive and Vince

  • Simply Adorable

    Simply Adorable

    A hand crocheted mini turban in a soft lemon yellow yarn is great for taking the chill out of the air.

    Buy it from Lovely Corporation

  • Trendy Babe

    Trendy Babe

    How can you not love this chevron print in chartreuse & coral-red!

    Buy it from Little Hip Squeaks

  • Pretty in Pink

    Pretty in Pink

    The pink and orange combo really pops of this fun print.

    Buy it from Baby Birdy Boutique

  • Just Charming

    Just Charming

    Organic fleece flaps, a vibrant wool plaid, and dotted ties make this hat a must-have winter bright for your little.

    Buy it from Worthy Goods

  • Knotted Headband

    Knotted Headband

    It’s the perfect little accessory in a vibrant hue.

    Buy it from Little Hip Squeaks

  • Sequin Style

    Sequin Style

    Oh my. Handmade baby “tom style” shoes in a turquoise metallic. Well, they speak for themself.

    Buy it from Scarlettos

  • Lettuce Turnip The Beet

    Lettuce Turnip The Beet

    Hilarious! Why not brighten up the baby wardrobe with a bright print very funny graphic bodysuit!

    Buy it from Coup

  • Striped Leggings

    Striped Leggings

    A fun pair of great pants for everyday wear. Great under or skirt or with a pair of boots!

    Buy it from Kwokkos Holiday

  • Baby Blue

    Baby Blue

    This bright blue hue helps get rid of those winter blues while keeping toes cozy and warm.

    Buy it from Handmade Therapy

  • The Ultimate Party Dress

    The Ultimate Party Dress

    A great, fun bright colored dress for all those many places you go during the holidays and winter months. Pair it with a cute cardigan!

    Buy it from Gracie May Kids

  • Chevron Love

    Chevron Love

    Bright booties for the babe. It’s a must with a cute pair of leggings!

    Buy it from Buster Boo Kids

  • Layer It Up

    Layer It Up

    Even though it’s a dress, it’s great for winter too! Just layer it with a white pair of leggings and a long sleeve shirt. This print is so fun!

    Buy it from Chicke Art

  • Blue Suede Shoes

    Blue Suede Shoes

    Doesn’t everyone little need a pair? These are the perfect soft soled baby shoe.

    Buy a pair from Gracious May

  • Pop of Color

    Pop of Color

    Layer it under a nice winter sweater to add a little pop of color. No need for dark hues just because it’s winter.

    Buy it from Miss Baker Stitches

  • Leg Warmers

    Leg Warmers

    Perfect for changing lots of diapers when you are home! These rugby striped leg warmers are full of color.

    Buy it from Fate Goodness

  • Chunky Sweater

    Chunky Sweater

    Chartreuse is one of my favorite colors to wear in winter. and well, these buttons make fun accents.

    Buy it from The Anecdotes

  • Stylish Baby Feet

    Stylish Baby Feet

    The adorable bright red and white raindrop print fabric is great for the modern babe.

    Buy it from Buster Boo Kids

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