What I’m Packing for Elvie’s Hospital Stay: Disney Baby Hooded Jackets

My husband, Jarod, is off work for the holidays, so with just nine days to go before Elvie’s big surgery (eek!), I know that the wisest thing to do is to start getting prepared now, while I have an extra set of hands to wrangle kids while I attend to more important things, like ordering what we need for Elvie’s hospital stay. Because hospital room temperature can vary, I wanted to pack plenty of light layers for Elvie, and I needed to figure out what we already had and what she still needed. I mentioned before that the Disney Baby knit hooded jackets were on my wish list for Elvie’s stay, and I realized as I perused websites that they were less “wish” and more “necessity.” I’m a little bit picky when it comes to my kids’ clothes, and I wanted something that would work for both hospital and life afterwards, that was cute but classic, that came in colors that would go with the rest of Elvie’s wardrobe. The Disney Baby hooded jackets fit the bill perfectly.


For me, the biggest decision was what colors to get. While I would have loved to order one of each color in both the boy and girl styles, I do have a budget to stick to, so I decided to order two. Because there are so many colors, and I was choosing just two, it took me awhile. I hemmed and hawed, then got out the shirts she’d be wearing this spring, then hemmed and hawed, then gave a glance online to shirts that others had generously ordered for Elvie’s hospital stay, then hemmed and hawed some more, then finally settled on fuschia and navy. A few clicks later, and they were on their way.

The jackets arrived the day after Christmas, like an extra Christmas gift. I showed them to Elvie, who cared more about trying to chew on the tags than anything else, then held them up to various pieces of her wardrobe. The colors work with many of the things we already own and will look stellar with her hospital shirts. All I have to do now is wash them in familiar detergent so they smell like home, and I can pack them in her hospital bag. It’s hard to pack anything in there, knowing what an ordeal she is about to go through, but it also makes me feel good to know that she will have things I chose just for her to wear while she is recovering. By preparing in this way, I can provide the small comfort of clothes that are soft and comfortable and smell like home. It may not be much, but it’s something.

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