Warm Winter Hats: 20 Adorable DIY & Handmade Options for Baby

Winter may not be the all-out, 4 to 5 month stretch of snow, wind, and slush for you that it is for us folk here in Northern Canada, but I know many of my friends States-side share in my winter woes. During these cold months, I find myself crafting late at night while watching some of my favourite shows. Projects of late (read: since having children) usually revolve making some sort of toy or article of clothing for one of my little ones.

One of my biggest addictions has been (and will probably always will be) hats. Crocheted, knitted, embroidered, felted, and quick fleece ones…I love them all. One does have to rotate their winter gear every now and then, and 4 to 5 months is a long time to wear just one winter hat. I mean, right?

So, without further ado, I present you with some of my most favourite (and easy) DIY hat tutorials, with some handmade options for those who are less craftily inclined, yet still love handmade.

  • Warmest Winter Hats

    Warmest Winter Hats

    A collection of DIY tutorials and handmade options to suit the crafty niche and those who love to purchase handmade!

  • Knitted Heart Cap

    Knitted Heart Cap

    Perfect for V day and every other day there-after! So sweet yet simple. Soft, warm and charming.
    Find it here

  • Sweet Snowflake Bonnet

    Sweet Snowflake Bonnet

    A sweet and cozy little crocheted bonnet with ear flaps perfect for a newborn baby boy or girl.
    Find it here

  • Little Aviator Hat - Crochet PATTERN

    Little Aviator Hat - Crochet PATTERN

    So stinkin’ cute! Perfect for a boy or a girl, in my opinion. Pattern available in sizes 0-12 months.
    Find the pattern and instructions here

  • Knitted Pixie Style with Snowflake

    Knitted Pixie Style with Snowflake

    Available in six sizes and your choice of colour. Loving the embroidered snowflake and tasseled pixie top.
    Find it here

  • Customizable Cable Knit Hat

    Customizable Cable Knit Hat

    This gorgeous, soft and chunky hat is available in sizes 0-24 months in any colour yarn you would like! I love hats with ear-flaps, they keep baby extra warm and the hat secure in spite of tugging little hands.
    Find it here.

  • Thick & Thin Point Top Hood - Crochet PATTERN

    Thick & Thin Point Top Hood - Crochet PATTERN

    Whip up this darling little hat yourself!
    Get the PDF pattern and instructions here

  • Owl Knit Hat

    Owl Knit Hat

    I ADORE this one. Chunky cable knit with 100% wool yarn, this would look great on a boy or girl. I bet if you asked for ear-flaps that tie, the shop-keeper would do it for you! Available in 4 brim sizes, see link for details.
    Find it here

  • Dragon Crochet Hat - PATTERN

    Dragon Crochet Hat - PATTERN

    With such easy to follow instructions this project would be great for beginners.
    Find the PDF pattern and instructions here

  • Chevron Hat

    Chevron Hat

    Grey and mustard zig zags with your choice of clip-on crocheted rufle flower. I die. Available in sizes 0-12 months in any colours you would like!
    Find it here

  • Pixie Hat - Knitting Pattern

    Pixie Hat - Knitting Pattern

    A quick and easy hat that you make in no time, if you can knit and purl that is. Pattern available in sizes 0-48 months.
    Find the pattern and instructions here

  • Crocheted Baby Hello Kitty Hat

    Crocheted Baby Hello Kitty Hat

    For all of those Hello Kitty fans, there is way too much cute going on here. Ready to ship, 0-3 months.
    Find it here

  • Petit Popover - PATTERN

    Petit Popover - PATTERN

    I am so in love with this pullover, especially with the neon ties! I also really dig how genius the design is, with the long, torso hugging flaps to keep baby super toasty. Pattern available in sizes 12- 18 months and upwards to 6 years of age!
    Find the pattern and detailed instructions here

  • Little Lamb

    Little Lamb

    I know I’m probably making your life difficult with all of these ridiculously adorable options, but what can I say? I know cute. This little ear flapped heart stopper is available in a wealth of sizes.
    Find it here

  • Winter Elfin Hat

    Winter Elfin Hat

    Oh. My. Word. Made with angel hair yarn, available in sizes 0-24 months. Additional sizing available, just ask the shop owner!
    Find it here

  • Monster Snow Hat - PATTERN

    Monster Snow Hat - PATTERN

    An official GAP hack! Fleecy warm and seriously cute!
    Learn how to make this hat here

  • Polar Fleece Winter Cap

    Polar Fleece Winter Cap

    Especially perfect for this time of year, this little lovie flap cap will keep you baby toasty warm. Ties on the ear flaps available, in sizes 6 moths to 5 years old!
    Find it here

  • Baby Animal Hats - Tutorials & PATTERNS

    Baby Animal Hats - Tutorials & PATTERNS

    You just died of cute, right? These are the perfect little newborn up to 6 months hat. Snug and cozy, these adorable little animal hats won’t go anywhere!
    Get the tutorial and pattern here

  • Baby Mouse Hat

    Baby Mouse Hat

    Made with the softest mohair yarn in the palest grey, this precious ear hat with tassel ties is perfect for photo opps and everyday use. Available in 0 months to 3 years.
    Find it here

  • Strawberry Winter Knit Baby Hat - PATTERN

    Strawberry Winter Knit Baby Hat - PATTERN

    This tutorial comes complete with video instructions – which are great for beginners, that’s how I taught myself to crochet, knit and sew. YouTube, I heart thee.
    Find the pattern, videos and written instructions here

  • Baby Sorbet Tartan Hat

    Baby Sorbet Tartan Hat

    This little trapper cap features bright aloe, navy, coral and winter white with vintage plaid wool. The inside is made with your choice of GOTS certified organic sherpa or fleece. Available in sizes newborn to 8 years old!
    Find it here

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