Vintage Fall Fashion For Babies and Toddlers

Call it vintage. Call it secondhand. Call it up-cycled. There is a wealth of stylish and adorable baby fashion already out there ripe for the picking. All we have to do is find it! And now-a-days it’s super easy as more and more vintage curators have started shops online. Not only is buying vintage a creative way to add spice to your baby’s wardrobe but it’s also good for the environment since you’re re-using things that have been used before. I scoured the web looking for some cute fall wardrobe essentials for our little boy and found these things I thought you all might like as well. Click through and tell me your favorites!

  • Vintage Red Sweater

    Vintage Red Sweater

    Keep little ones cozy (and cute) in a vintage sweater. I love finding little gems among vintage and secondhand shops. This would look so pretty on a little girl paired with leggings or warm pants.
    Sparv in the Iele Tree

  • My Lil Punkin'

    My Lil Punkin'

    What is more perfect for this festive holiday season than a pumpkin colored vintage sweater?
    Ms Tips

  • The Perfect Thanksgiving Dress

    The Perfect Thanksgiving Dress

    Vintage dresses always seem to be so frilly. But the neutral tones in this one calm down the ruffles. I love the soft pink color too.
    Sparv in the Iele Tree

  • Oh My Osh Kosh Gosh

    Oh My Osh Kosh Gosh

    Everyone knows that Osh Kosh holds a special kind of nostalgia. By the time this post goes to press I may have already scooped these up for our little boy. They’re just too adorable to resist.
    Yellow Jacket Vintage

  • Penguins Are For Babies

    Penguins Are For Babies

    Okay, so it’s a bit much but it’s still pretty stinkin’ adorable. I mean, penguins you guys!
    Ms Tips

  • For The Fireball of Engery

    For The Fireball of Engery

    For the one who never stops, I present this streamlined vintage coat for cold weather adventures.
    Sparv in the Iele Tree

  • Little Red Dress

    Little Red Dress

    Perfect for all the family get togethers that this season has on the calenders, this long-sleeved vintage dress is just the prettiest thing.
    The Littlest Shop

  • Lavender Love

    Lavender Love

    Lavender doesn’t get the respect it deserves. How cute is this girly little sweater. I see it paired with skinny jeans and some metallic moccasins. Cute huh?
    Sparv in the Iele Tree

  • Vintage Baby Sneakers

    Vintage Baby Sneakers

    Baby shoes are always adorable but these vintage ones take it to another level. And they could totally work for boys or girls.
    Pumpkin and Lily

  • Red and Soft Wool Snuggly Sweater

    Red and Soft Wool Snuggly Sweater

    I just ADORE the simple pattern on this wool sweater. It doesn’t quite get cold enough down here for me to justify buying it but hopefully it will find a home with someone else!
    Lazer Baby Vintage

  • A Cozy Neutral Tunic

    A Cozy Neutral Tunic

    How cute would this soft and fluffy sweater tunic look with some red or brown leggings and boots? I know right.
    Sparv in the Iele Tree

  • Mad About Plaid

    Mad About Plaid

    Oh my word. This jumper. I only have a little boy but if I had a little girl I would scoop this baby up in a hot second. With a little red or cream sweater underneath and some tights.
    Lazer Baby Vintage

  • It's (Almost) The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    It's (Almost) The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    I know this one is straight up red and green but I still think it can work all through the fall season and even for the Thanksgiving holidays.
    Sparv in the Iele Tree

  • Snowball Sweater

    Snowball Sweater

    I love this little snowball colored sweater. It just looks like it would be as soft as a cotton ball.
    Lazer Baby Vintage

  • Vintage Mocs, Be Still My Heart

    Vintage Mocs, Be Still My Heart

    Mocs are already my favorite type of baby shoe, so when I saw these vintage ones my heart flipped. I love the caramel color too.
    The City Loft

  • Western Wee Ones

    Western Wee Ones

    I just adore this western style vintage baby shirt. Pair it with some dark blue jeans and brown boots. So cute.
    Sparv in the Iele Tree


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