Trend Alert! Patterned Baby Leggings

I am completely smitten with patterned leggings for babies and toddlers. My son practically lives in them. I just can’t get enough. Luckily for me, patterned leggings are growing in popularity so they are more and more easily accessible and great tutorials on how to make them yourself are starting to pop up online. I rounded up my favorite handmade, patterned leggings and DIY tutorials for you so you can get in on the trend. Just click through the slideshow to see them all!

  • Sew Your Own Baby Leggings DIY

    Sew Your Own Baby Leggings DIY

    This DIY tutorial from Small Fry Blog is brilliant! You can use those little mini skirts from Forever 21 to make cool baby leggings in 5 minutes! Who knew? Click the link below for the DIY.

  • Bold Black and White Leggings

    Bold Black and White Leggings

    Bold black and white patterned leggings are my all time favorite. My son wears his every week!
    Little Four Clothing

  • Pink and Black Leggings

    Pink and Black Leggings

    Simple geometric diamond patterns cover these muted pink and black leggings. I kind of want some for myself.
    Little Four Clothing

  • Bold Pink and Blue Leggings

    Bold Pink and Blue Leggings

    Looking for something a little bolder? I present these graphic print leggings with coral pink, blue, and even some gold colors worked into the cool geometric pattern.
    Little Four Clothing

  • Dots Leggings

    Dots Leggings

    Simple and chic dots will be popular forever. But I especially like the soft color of these ones for little babies.
    Fable Baby

  • Animal Patterned Leggings

    Animal Patterned Leggings

    This tiny animal pattern is so cute! I love the little horses.
    Fable Baby

  • DIY Your Own Patterned Leggings!

    DIY Your Own Patterned Leggings!

    This is a fantastic tutorial by Delighted Mama about how to take plain baby leggings and transform them into super trendy patterned baby leggings. Click the link below for the tutorial!

    Delighted Mama DIY

  • Arrow Leggings

    Arrow Leggings

    Arrows will always be cute for kiddos, in my opinion. But right now, they are all the rage. Black and white makes these ones good for girls or boys.

    Candy Kirby Designs

  • Plus Leggings

    Plus Leggings

    This black and white plus design is so in right now. Perhaps you’ve seen the blankets in this pattern all over Pinterest? I adore these for kiddos. In fact, I might go buy one for our son right now!

    Candy Kirby Designs

  • Arrow Leggings

    Arrow Leggings

    I love these arrow patterned black and white leggings! Simple, great for little boys or little girls, geometric, and right on trend.

    Candy Kirby Designs

  • Bright Triangle Leggings

    Bright Triangle Leggings

    These colors are perfection! I love the imperfect triangle pattern and the accent colors.
    Studio Bundis

  • Silver on Black Leggings

    Silver on Black Leggings

    Metallic and geometric? You can’t get cooler than that! I need these for our little boy!
    Studio Bundis

  • Mountain Leggings

    Mountain Leggings

    I love these simple patterned leggings. They remind me of mountains. And triangle patterns are so on trend.
    Studio Bundis

  • Triangle Leggings

    Triangle Leggings

    These have a bit of 80’s rocker flair to them. I love the turquoise on black color palette!
    Studio Bundis

  • Monochrome Patterned Leggings

    Monochrome Patterned Leggings

    Monochrome leggings with fun geometric patterns are so easy to mix and match for an endless variety of cute outfit options.
    Studio Bundis

  • Peach and White Patterned Leggings

    Peach and White Patterned Leggings

    These leggings are covered in a bold graphic pattern but their soft color makes the look even more wearable.
    Studio Bundis


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