Toy Story Siblings & Their Hallowe’en!

Adaptability. The true essence of parenting. The passing of this Hallowe’en marks the second year in a row that my aspiration in making handmade Hallowe’en costumes quickly flew out the window. Which means that all of my years (before kids), making the most intricate and elaborate costumes has met the realities of how much my life has truly changed.

While I still love making things, there isn’t always time for it. Even when I desperately want that time. Something I’m coming to terms with. The way I figure, next year I should have better control of things, right? As time passes I become better and better at managing my time and staying organized well in advance…


I’m learning to tackle projects that bring me joy, not stress me out. If I haven’t prepared myself enough in advance to take something on – I’m not doing it. That kind of stress takes the joy away. What’s the point then? Surely not for appearances. At this age, I’m lucky if my babies will let me stuff them into a Hallowe’en costume anyways – which is why we let them choose, by running around the store and picking out character costumes from their long-time favourite movie, Toy Story. This is the first movie that held Wyndham’s attention (now loving all 3 of them) from beginning to end; starting at around 2 years old – and Abby at an even younger age, 13 months!

We chose steered them towards the pajamas, thinking it made sense to choose something they could get some good use from. We encourage a lot of costume and role-playing around here, so the little hats can go in the tickle-truck. Join Abby and Wyndham on their costume parade and check out how they spent their Hallowe’en!

  • Things Don't Always Turn Out The Way You Planned...

    Things Don't Always Turn Out The Way You Planned...

    And that has to be okay. At the end of the day – it’s the fun and stress free parents that your little ones want/need the most! Click through for a peek at my adorable baby girl and her toddler bro as ‘Woody & Jesse’ and how they spent their Hallowe’en!

  • Carve Free Jack-o-Lantern Making For Them..

    Carve Free Jack-o-Lantern Making For Them..

    Carving for us. Abby and her brother had loads of fun making Mr. & Mrs. Pumpkin Head jack-o-lanterns, going wild with the stickers and bathing in glitter. Okay, that was more for me. First tastes of maple syrup, cinnamon and sea salt roasted pumpkin seeds were a big hit.

  • Sugar Free Halloween Treats

    Sugar Free Halloween Treats

    We had a week full of Halloween themed treats baked with maple syrup instead of sugar, made with the help of my blooming little pastry chef Wyndham, enjoyed by all. Especially Abby. She was a pumpkin muffin monster!

  • Woody & Jesse

    Woody & Jesse

    The big reveal. Wherein my handmade dreams went down the drain and we ended up with Halloween costumes AND p.j.’s for the winter. As seen here loving all the attention (and candy) showered on them at our little party after an early (short and very wet), round of trick-or-treating!

  • The Deputy & Her Sidekick

    The Deputy & Her Sidekick

    Because little dogs should obviously get dressed in costumes too. The first thing Abby’s brother shouted upon arriving at the party was, ‘lookit! A hot-dog! I see a hot-dog!’ Said with much awe-inspired glee. He seriously could not believe his eyes.

  • Sharing


    Wyndham got a taste of how awesome it feels to give a baby their first taste of candy. So wrong that it’s right. As seen here, happily popping (a few) smarties into his sister’s mouth. THE CUTE. I DIE.

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