Dressing Himself: Another Toddler Milestone On the Way!

My baby boy has suddenly started a new phase: getting dressed all by himself (well, trying to). He is only two-years-old (actually just shy by a few days), but he insists on dressing himself. I actually don’t mind; after all, it is a sign of growing independence and one less step for me to do in the morning routine. However, he hasn’t quite mastered this skill, which makes for some humorous moments.

Toddler Learning to Dress HimselfSource: Heather/Flickr


For example, sometimes my baby boy forgets that he already has pants on and proceeds to try to put on a new pair of pants. I’ve caught him a couple of times already with a pair of shorts around his knees (because he couldn’t pull them up any higher), even though he is already wearing a pair of jeans. You can imagine how funny it is to look up from what you’re doing and see that sight!

Another “issue” with my toddler dressing himself is that his fashion style hasn’t yet blossomed. So, that striped pirate skull shirt he picks out to wear with his plaid shorts – yeah, it doesn’t quite work out. It does make for some fun photos, though. But, when we have plans to go out, it is cause for trouble if we can’t convince him to wear a proper outfit that coordinates.

Learning to get dressed is a process. It will take lots of time and practice for my toddler to get it right. We’ll have to allow him to make fashion mistakes every once in a while in an effort to let him gain confidence and foster his independence. There will be times when he’ll need help getting his arms through a shirt or pulling up his pants. It’s all a part of mastering this new skill of dressing himself. At least it’s a fun stage!

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