The 12 Things My 12-Month-Old Can’t Live Without

These days, my little girl’s personality is in full bloom.

She leaves all who cross her path with impressions of charm, humour and daringness.

Quite the little diva (since day one), she’s fearless in the face of danger. Of which there are infinite possibilities (danger), when it comes to a mobile baby on the loose.

However, the girl is smart. Which is comforting, because as I watch her grow, my mind reels to the future. The future of a wild, bright and beautiful girl.

Oh boy. For now though, she’s still my sweet baby and while her needs are pretty basic, she’s already racked up a list of things she couldn’t possibly live without…

  • Her Momma & Her Pappa

    Her Momma & Her Pappa

    Obviously. For now, we are the shining light of her world. That may change as she enters into her teen years, but for now we are the bees knees in her books. I plan to eat up every minute until then. There really is no better feeling then the love of your babies.

  • Milk


    First it was breastmilk, then it was formula, now it’s cow, goat milk and almond milk. It’s a vice like no other with these babies it would seem. If only adults could have such healthy vices as these. I always get a lump in my throat when I think of my 1st babe when he transitioned from bottles and sippy’s to cups. All of a sudden he wasn’t so baby-like anymore .

  • Food


    This is a no-brainer but I couldn’t pass up the chance to share this ridiculously cute picture with you. This little one, my girl, she’s a regular foodie – just like her momma. As seen here eating homemade oat cereal with banana’s. Yum!

  • Her Bro

    Her Bro

    Our little man is her big hero. Everyday he gets sweeter and sweeter with her, and I’m sure it’s because he’s noticed now taken she is with him. She hangs on his every word, his every move and is always entertained by his antics. Always. Even perhaps when it isn’t so funny. Ahem.

  • Her Toys

    Her Toys

    In particular, her piglet plushie. She loves this plush little noise maker to no end. It’s right up there with her plush baby doll and has to have it for every nap and bedtime as well as pretty much constantly throughout the day. If she’s not playing with it in her rotation, she’ll often remember about it and go off looking for it. Or look at one of us questioningly with her hands up in the air (her new gesture for all things questionable, which is pretty much everything).

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  • Pretty Clothes

    Pretty Clothes

    She loves to play dress-up and will often bring me her headbands to put in her hair. It’s only just started where I’ve noticed her attention to pretty things, and her glee upon wearing a pretty outfit. She’ll touch her hair and her cheeks and her belly upon being told that she’s pretty in this delicate, feminine, knowing way. That’s when my heart goes, Oooff! Sure she could probably live without this, I added it to the list a bit tongue in cheek. Because dress-up is something she truly adores, a true sign that it will carry on through the years. If it doesn’t? That’s more than okay too.

  • Water


    She loves to drink it, play in it and squirt/splash people with it. If she’s grouchy after a nap or cranky before bed-time, a bath always turns things around.

  • All Of The Things In The Mouth

    All Of The Things In The Mouth

    Just anyone try and take things from her fierce grasp as it inevitably gets toted on up into her mouth. Some have been known to try and are met with a great fiery vengeance. Don’t mess with the baby ways of discovery and self soothing (teething). Don’t mess.

  • Pancakes


    Of recent, they have become her very favourite breakfast food. So, I try to make them as healthy as possible. Spelt flour, 1/2 the sugar, organic local eggs and served with berries and bananas. Her and her brother both. They clamour around me as soon as the breakfast skillet is out and would sit right on top of my head while I’m making them if they could.

  • Sleep


    Oh, the sleep. I’m lucky to have such a good little sleeper. Without her morning or afternoon nap, we would quickly be met with vampire baby. Not a good scene. But my well-napped baby? All smiles, giggles and glee. It really is like night and day. Which explains a lot about the state of us sleep deprived mommas.

  • Music


    Abby is quickly becoming a little lover of music. Understandably, given she’s surrounded by it constantly. I’m pretty sure it’s become a necessity for her. We’re all big fans of (good) music. (As in not Biebs and the like). Her pappa is a musician and as you can clearly see her bro is well on his way too. It’s only a matter of time before she picks up an intstrment. For now though, she is a serious dancing queen. Girl can boogie.

  • Love


    Above all else, babies (humans in general) need buckets of love. Of this we know. My little girl is so very affectionate, giving kisses and hugs and soaking up every chance she can get to cuddle. I know it may not always be this way (but it could!) and I am currently revelling in the sweet bliss of all of it.

What are the things that your baby can’t live without?

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