The Most Exquisite Handmade Holiday Photo Props & Accessories For Baby

It’s that time of year again. Many of us who do the holiday photo card thing have already booked the photo shoot or have grand plans of doing it all ourselves (me). I’ll admit this is the first time I am actually organized enough to get them done and mailed out the door in time. Even when we didn’t do photo cards, we always gave framed photos and collages (this year I have a few other photo gift ideas up my sleeve), so stocking up on a few festive accessories was a must. That and having them for dressing up for all of those special occasions that come with the holidays.

I’ll admit it: I LOVE dressing up my babies (okay toddlers now), every chance I get. There are worse offenses, to be sure. (They may argue this point years down the road, as they beg me to take down the 8 x 10 picture of them in a reindeer diaper set off of the wall, but I’m willing to take that risk.)

I’ve curated a selection of ridiculously cute options for you to agonize over (tough choices), in both patterns and ready to ship items. Enjoy!

  • 'Tis The Season

    'Tis The Season

    Click through to discover the most exquisite DIY and handmade newborn, baby and toddler photography props for your holiday pictures and Christmas cards!

  • Santa's Little Helpers

    Santa's Little Helpers

    The best part about these A D O R A B L E hats is that they can wear them all winter long, they are ready to ship (no pattern here) and you can order them in any size you want! Remember the shipping time and hop to it now in time for all of those photo opps!
    Bit ‘o’ Whimsy

  • Rudolph


    Everyone’s favourite misfit.
    Bit ‘O Whimsy

  • Mrs. Clause's Cape

    Mrs. Clause's Cape

    Precious and perfect for your little newborn baby girl. This would make a great card!
    Calleigh’s Clips

  • Tuxedo Onsie

    Tuxedo Onsie

    Ideal for photo gifts, cards, dinner at home and even New Year’s Eve!
    Alisha’s Art

  • Appliqued Adorableness

    Appliqued Adorableness

    Matching diaper cover and bodysuit sets for your baby’s 1st Christmas are ALWAYS a good idea.
    Designs By Susan

  • Baby Leggings Ahoy!

    Baby Leggings Ahoy!

    A cherub little candy-cane that you won’t be able to resist.
    Fairies Flowers & Bows

  • Mr. & Mrs. Claus

    Mr. & Mrs. Claus

    I mean really. The whole thing is almost too much. Yet, just enough.
    Colletta’s Kitchen Sink

  • Moose or Reindeer...

    Moose or Reindeer...

    We’ve all seen the trio of rudolph reindeers (triplets) photo by Anne Geddes, right? If not, google that. It will make your ovaries ache. This reminds me of that.
    Brooke’s Little Stitches

  • All The Trimmings

    All The Trimmings

    Keep it simple with bow-ties and bows for your little baby boys and girls.
    Gingerpop Boutique

  • Simple Cap

    Simple Cap

    Simple doesn’t mean less. As we can clearly see here. This crimson and crisp white polka dot elfin hat is darling!
    Deus Provide Bit

  • Cranberry Cocoon

    Cranberry Cocoon

    A dainty little winter cocoon for your delicate newborn. YUM! Another great look for card or framed present.
    Women Who Do It All

  • Merry Siblings

    Merry Siblings

    Oy. Vey. The absolute C U T E. It slays!
    Jojo’s Bootique

  • Mischief


    Gah. I think this one is my favourite for a little baby boy. It’s hard to choose – but yep, this one is it.
    Kylie’s Crochet Corner

  • Christmas Mouse

    Christmas Mouse

    Never-mind the cheese. You’ve got to watch this little sneaker around Santa’s cookies and milk.
    Bit ‘o’ Whimsy

  • Itty Bitty Santa

    Itty Bitty Santa

    I adore everything about this outfit and the props. Great execution!
    Calleigh’s Clips

  • Tiny Elegance

    Tiny Elegance

    SO precious! This crocheted cream beanie features a removable silk flower, (you can ask for a few flowers in different colours to match all of her outfits!) making it a smart choice for all of her cozy holiday looks!
    Bit ‘o’ Whimsy

  • Snowman


    A precious little Frosty pattern that you (or someone else with the skills) can crochet!
    Calleigh’s Clips

  • Santa Baby

    Santa Baby

    Do you have a nana to whip this up for you in time for your Christmas card photo shoot? I do.
    Nana’s Knotty Creations

  • Little Flirts

    Little Flirts

    Either of these cute patterns would be a great choice to feature on your Holiday card or as a framed gift for an auntie or grandparent!
    Darling Derriere

  • Mickey Magic

    Mickey Magic

    A Classic Fantasia cap and cocoon just perfect for the holidays.
    Calleigh’s Clips

  • Striped Christmas Cap

    Striped Christmas Cap

    I love the addition of the little wooden star on the brim!
    Bit ‘o’ Whimsy

  • Decisions, Decisions!

    Decisions, Decisions!

    So many festive choices! Either way, your little dude will look picture perfect, sure to bring a smile to all.
    Shop Antsy Pants

  • Coordinating Sibling Outfits

    Coordinating Sibling Outfits

    Is 3 years old (my boy) too old for this outfit? Because I REALLY want to dress him and his sister in this epic cuteness for some pictures. We’re staying at home on Christmas day…how adorable would they be opening up their presents and running around in these?
    Darling Derriere

  • A Dapper Frosty

    A Dapper Frosty

    A more dashing Frosty there never was.

    Bit ‘o’ Whimsy

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