The Most Adorable DIY & Handmade Easter Photo Props for Babies

What a month! With St. Patrick’s Day and Easter teeming so closely together – it can be a bit of a whirlwind of family celebrations and photo-opps.

As a hobby DIY’er, shutterbug and new(ish) mom, a whole new world of inspiration has opened up to me. Now I have holidays and themes to sink my teeth into – with the main object being memory making. (And adorning my walls with adorable photos of my children.) Which, one doesn’t necessarily need a photo prop to do – babies are mesmerizing and cute all on their own.

But please. Tell me what’s cuter than a fresh baby in a bunny or chickadee outfit? I rest my case. 

  • Big-time Memory Makers...

    Big-time Memory Makers...

    All yours for the making or taking!

  • PATTERN: Bunny Hat & Diaper Cover

    PATTERN: Bunny Hat & Diaper Cover

    As if this get-up could get any cuter, there is a bunny tail on that diaper cover.
    Get the pattern via Darling Derriere

  • Easter Bunny Boy

    Easter Bunny Boy

    I know. It’s almost unbearable. The little appliques on the knees are this maker’s trademark and I’m a full-on advocate of said themed knee-patches for any and all holidays.
    Get the whole set via Shop Antsy Pants

  • Floppy Bunny

    Floppy Bunny

    Obviously, you would bedeck your little one in this hat for as long as it fits them – never-mind just Easter! Holy cute and cozy factor! Bonus? The hat includes a cloth carrot photo prop! This Etsy shop is B U S Y. There is currently a two week turn-around time, so get ordering now if you want this in time for Easter!
    Available via Bit ‘O Whimsy

  • Long Tail Easter Pastels

    Long Tail Easter Pastels

    There is something about little gnome hats on newborns that does me in. You?
    Available via Kylie’s Crochet Corner

  • DIY: Bunny Applique

    DIY: Bunny Applique

    Sweet, simple and easy.
    Get the tutorial via Finley & Oliver

  • Clip-on Bow Tie

    Clip-on Bow Tie

    Baby boys in bow-ties, so darling. A great choice to last throughout the spring, summer – whenever!
    Available via Gingerpop Boutique

  • Chickadee Beanies

    Chickadee Beanies

    Choose from an array of colours and sizes. Nothing too fussy, with just the right amount of cute factor going on.
    Available via Adorable Adornments

  • PATTERN: Bunny Hat & Diaper Cover Set

    PATTERN: Bunny Hat & Diaper Cover Set

    Make your baby’s 1st Easter one to remember with this precious set!
    Get the pattern via A Lone Pine Designs

  • Easter Baby Boy Set

    Easter Baby Boy Set

    Suspenders! THE BEST.
    Available via Shop Antsy Pants

  • Pattern: Headband & Diaper Cover Set

    Pattern: Headband & Diaper Cover Set

    A lovely set perfect for Easter, spring and summer photo shoots. Or just rolling around the house in.
    Available via Crochet My Love

  • DIY: Puffy Bunny Tail

    DIY: Puffy Bunny Tail

    So easy and so fun!
    Get the tutorial via Dirty Diaper Laundry

  • More Suspenders!

    More Suspenders!

    Bow-ties and suspenders paired together are my favourite.
    Available via Petite Peanut

  • Baby Girl Chickadee Hat

    Baby Girl Chickadee Hat

    Another cute hat that would do well year-round!
    Available via Crochet Cuteness

  • Spring Felt Flower Headband

    Spring Felt Flower Headband

    I ordered this one for my girl, because obviously.
    Available via Gingerpop Boutique

  • Pattern: Little Nut Brown Hare

    Pattern: Little Nut Brown Hare

    A sweet gender neutral choice.
    Get the pattern via Sweet Potato 3 Patterns

  • Newborn Hen Hat

    Bunny Rabbit Shirt & Legwarmers: Set

    A modern choice, suitable for both baby boys and girls.
    Find it via Kakabaka

  • Crochet Pattern: Bunny Rabbit - Cuddle Critter Cape Set

    Crochet Pattern: Bunny Rabbit - Cuddle Critter Cape Set

    Another darling gender neutral choice since you are the one making it! (Bow optional.)
    Get the pattern via Calleigh’s Clips

  • Little Gent DIY: Faux Vest Bodysuit

    Little Gent DIY: Faux Vest Bodysuit

    You just died from the cute, I know.
    Get the tutorial via B is For Boy Creations

  • Pooh Bear Hat and Diaper Cover Set

    Pooh Bear Hat and Diaper Cover Set

    Who doesn’t want a good cuddle with Pooh on Easter?
    Available via Colletta’s Kitchen Sink

  • Newborn Bunny Hat

    Newborn Bunny Hat

    Carrot included, making this the perfect photo prop idea.
    Available via Bit ‘O Whimsy

  • Girl or Boy Easter Bunny Rabbit Bodysuit & Legwarmer Set

    Girl or Boy Easter Bunny Rabbit Bodysuit & Legwarmer Set

    Available in a variety of sizes, this is a modern, trendy choice.
    Find it via Kakabaka

  • Baby Piggy Hat

    Baby Piggy Hat

    Fresh, pink and ripe for the cuddling and picture taking.
    Available via JoJo’s Boutique

  • Easter Tutu Set

    Easter Tutu Set

    Proving that chickadees are just as adorable as bunnies!
    Available via Little Goodie Tutus

  • Bunny Set For Girls

    Bunny Set For Girls

    I particularly love the low price point on this one!
    Find the set via Colletta’s Kitchen Sink

  • DIY Easter Bunny Shirt

    DIY Easter Bunny Shirt

    For those of you who think DIY means time consuming, think again – this project is quick and super easy to pull off!
    Get the tutorial via Fancy House Road

  • Easter Bunny Cocoon

    Easter Bunny Cocoon

    I say this is perfect for a boy or girl. Because boys can wear pink too!
    Available via Desert Diamond

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