The Joy of Hand-Me-Downs: 10 Things I Can’t Wait for My Baby to Grow Into

When we adopted our older daughter, Zinashi, she was three years old, but was wearing size 18-month clothing. I took great pleasure in building a little wardrobe for her that was comfortable and fun, and when she outgrew things, I carefully packed away all of my favorite items to be worn by our next baby. Elvie was pretty tiny herself when she came to us, but now that she is growing beautifully, I am beginning to look forward to a time when she will be able to wear some of Zinashi’s old things. Here are ten favorites from Zinashi’s 18-month wardrobe that I am excited to see Elvie wear someday.

  • I Love Hand-Me-Downs!

    I Love Hand-Me-Downs!

    It’s always wonderful to give new life to clothes that were worn by another child, but nothing is quite so special as knowing my second daughter will wear and make memories in some of the clothing my older daughter was wearing when we made family memories with her. It will be sweet to see Elvie wear some of Zinashi’s outgrown clothes.

  • The Hamster Shirt

    The Hamster Shirt

    It’s a hamster holding a sign that reads FREE HUGS. It’s pretty much the most adorable graphic tee ever. I kept putting this on Zinashi until it was very clearly too small. I’m so glad I’ve got a second girl to wear it!

  • The Striped Romper

    The Striped Romper

    This romper is so soft, and I love the bold colors. Elvie can already wear those leg warmers, and I intend to pair the two together again once she is big enough for the romper. I was super sad when Zinashi outgrew this, so I’ll be putting it on Elvie as soon as it doesn’t look ridiculously large.

  • Dots and Flowers and Harem Pants, Oh My!

    Dots and Flowers and Harem Pants, Oh My!

    I adore this whole outfit, and it will be perfect for our layering needs in San Francisco. It’s comfy and cute, and the bright flowers will look just right on Elvie.

  • The Fruit Romper

    The Fruit Romper

    I’ll admit it; I have a thing for rompers paired with leg warmers. I just love that little bit of thigh chub visible between the romper and the leg warmer! Now that we’ve chubbed up Elvie’s thighs, I’ll have the same delight when she wears this.

  • The Floral Dress and Cropped Cardi

    The Floral Dress and Cropped Cardi

    This dress is just the right kind of fancy for a girl on the move, and the cropped cardigan goes with it perfectly. Zinashi wore this for all of our special occasion days in Ethiopia, and I know that seeing Elvie wear it will bring back good memories as we make new memories as a family of four.

  • The Pretty Top With Ric Rac

    The Pretty Top With Ric Rac

    I have a thing for ric rac on little girls’ clothing. When we were doing paperwork for Zinashi’s adoption, before we knew who she was or when she’d arrive, I picked this up in London as a souvenir for our future child. Now it will get to have a second life with our second little girl. Elvie will look so sweet in this, just like her big sister did.

  • The Yellow Dress

    The Yellow Dress

    Yellow is my favorite color, and it’s Zinashi’s as well. We’re rooting for Elvie to choose it as her favorite color; maybe wearing this adorable dress will help.

  • The Whale Romper

    The Whale Romper

    The color on this is sublime, and Zinashi didn’t wear it much before hitting a growth spurt, so I am excited to see it appear again for more wear.

  • The Kitty Cat Shirt

    The Kitty Cat Shirt

    We have three cats, and I get teased about being a crazy cat lady. It’s only right that both of my children would get to wear a kitty cat shirt. This one is super cute and was one of Zinashi’s favorites; this is a piece she’s excited to see Elvie wear, and even told me she wanted Elvie to have it.

  • The Holiday Dress

    The Holiday Dress

    I searched high and low for a holiday dress that was as special as our sweet girl; when I saw this one online, I knew it was just right. At the same time I ordered it, I found clip-on earrings on clearance that would look perfect as a little something extra at the neckline. I am overjoyed to have another extra special daughter to wear this extra special dress.

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