The Aurora Disney Cuddly Bodysuit: Fancy But Not Fussy

With an older sister in the house, the expectations for Elvie’s wardrobe can be a bit high. “Can she be a little bit…fancier?” my six-year-old will query. Sometimes the answer is no. As much as I’d love to fancy up the baby, she’s turned out to be a rough and tumble, active girl, and too much fluff gets in the way of her very important baby business of tearing apart the house and moving furniture. While I am officially in charge of Elvie’s wardrobe, I don’t mind allowing Zinashi to help me choose a few things; they just need to suit our baby’s needs. Sometimes something that is sufficiently fancy for Zinashi’s tastes is just not workable for Elvie, but I’ve found something in the Disney Baby line that will satisfy both of us and not get in Elvie’s way: the Aurora Disney Cuddly Bodysuit.


It’s got a double layer tutu-type skirt, a little extra flounce on the sleeve,  and some ribbon and a sweet little bow on the bodice. This is definitely enough fanciness. But on the functional side of things, the skirt is not so long that it gets in the way, and the bodysuit itself is comfortable – just perfect for a baby whose main aim is to move quickly in order to get into more things before I can catch her at it. As a special bonus, it is pink, just like Zinashi’s favorite ballet dress. If they want to match (and Zinashi almost always wants to match), it’s doable. The Aurora Disney Cuddly Bodysuit is just right.

If you’ve got a rough and tumble baby girl that could use a little extra fancy in her functional wardrobe, you can purchase the Aurora Disney Cuddly Bodysuit from The Disney Store.

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