Superhero Halloween Costumes for Babies

It’s fun to dress up and pretend to be a superhero, isn’t it? This Halloween, why not dress your baby in one of the many superhero Halloween costumes available? From classics like Hulk and Spider-Man to newer superhero favorites like Iron Man, you can take your pick for your precious baby to go trick-or-treating this year. Take a look at these awesome baby superhero Halloween costumes!

Fun Superhero Baby Halloween Costumes

  • Baby Hulk

    Baby Hulk

    We all know we shouldn’t make babies angry…especially baby Hulk!
    Find it at Spirit Halloween

  • Baby Captain America

    Baby Captain America

    Everyone is sure to salute your baby Captain America in this comfy infant costume!
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  • Baby Iron Man

    Baby Iron Man

    One of the latest superheroes to gain popularity, your baby or toddler will look great in this Iron Man costume!
    Find it on Wonder Costumes

  • Baby Spider-Man

    Baby Spider-Man

    He may not be able to shoot web from his hands, but your baby will look adorable dressed as Spider-Man!
    Find it on

  • Baby Thor

    Baby Thor

    Even without his hammer, this god of thunder is sure to be a hit!
    Find it at Spirit Halloween

  • Baby Wolverine

    Baby Wolverine

    Claws or not, your baby will be the cutest Wolverine there ever was!
    Find it at Spirit Halloween

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