Baby Gets Sporty For Super Bowl 2013

Are you excited for Super Bowl this Sunday? Thousands will be tuning in to watch one of the most popular games of the year and those blessed commercials that we love to talk about. If daily commercials were as clever as the ones aired during Super Bowl, I don’t think nearly as many of us would turn our heads. But I digress…

Even though they are small and don’t quite understand the concept of football just yet, there is no reason to leave baby out from all the excitement. Although I am not a huge sports fan myself I have many friends who are so passionate about the big game, they can hardly contain themselves.

This round-up is for the love of the game and all of those mommies and daddies who will be cheering from the sidelines with baby in arms this Sunday. :)

  • The Ultimate Accessory For Your Mini Super Bowl Fan

    The Ultimate Accessory For Your Mini Super Bowl Fan

    Be still my heart. This hat doesn’t really need a description as the cute factor is off the charts. This precious hat has been hand crocheted from a soft brown and white yarn. The ties are braided for additional charm.

    Available in sizes 0-3, 3-6 and 6-12 months.

    Where can you find it? HelensCrafts.

  • Football Gown

    Football Gown

    For the new arrival! Football dads will melt at the sight of their little girl dressed in this oh so cute football gown and cap.

    Where can you find it? mamabijou.

  • Football Cocoon

    Football Cocoon

    Funny how something so simple can be so darn adorable. This knitted cocoon/pough has been designed with a football in mind and the set comes with a matching brown hat. Forget Super Bowl, this would be the perfect photo prop for your mini sports fan!

    Where can you find it? ventichai.

  • Felted Football Bodysuit

    Felted Football Bodysuit

    Simple yet perfect for a your little quarterback. Felt football lace patches have been ironed on this boutique quality short sleeve brown bodysuit to create the look of an actual football. Available in sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 12-19 months.

    Where can you find it? TheFeltFrog.

  • The Football Carrier

    The Football Carrier

    This is one of the most original accessories for mom and baby that I’ve ever come across. These covers have sewn on straps that fit perfectly on Infantino, Britax and Baby Bjorn (active and original) carriers. There is even a turtle version available!

    Where can you find it? NaturallyCraftyShop.

  • Ball Hair Bows

    Ball Hair Bows

    Just looking for a touch of sporty style? This 3 inch pinwheel bow is made from football ribbons and is attached to a partially lined alligator clip.

    Where can you find it? simpledesign816.

  • Let's Play Some Football!

    Let's Play Some Football!

    Is your little crawler ready to get their game on? Get him or her started with this gender neutral hand crocheted football hat.

    Where can you find them? KountryKreations2008.

  • Mini Kickers

    Mini Kickers

    Itty Bitty leather shoes for newborns featuring footballs and striped cotton fabric lining are perfect for the big game or any game really.

    Where can you find them? mudturtlesandmore.

  • Sporty Accessories

    Sporty Accessories

    Girls need their accessories, no matter how sporty they are. These leg warmers and hairband should do just the trick!

    Where can you find it? kakabaka.

  • Glam Slam

    Glam Slam

    Who knew that football and glamor could go hand in hand? This elasticized headband is oh so stylish with its two shabby chic flowers and football rhinestone button.

    Where can you find it? LittleBittyBlossom.

  • Spiffy Sport

    Spiffy Sport

    Pay tribute to the Huskers with this adorable set. The bodysuit is spiffed up with a stylish tie and the football BabyLegs just finish the outfit off. Just imagine the sweet pictures you could take with Mr. Man dressed up in this…

    Where can you find it? codysboutique.

  • Go Packers!

    Go Packers!

    Are you a fan of the Green Bay Packers? Quite a few of my friends are rooting for them and you can too with these handmade crocheted baby booties. There is an elastic sewn inside the ankle area which makes it challenging for your little one to pull them off.

    Where can you find them? pitterpatterbabygift.

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