Style Hack: DIY Glitter Shoes

I see glittery things everywhere – even for babies! From shoes and dresses to decor and even food, glitter is all the rage. When I stumbled upon a $2 pair of Mary Janes in my daughter’s size at the thrift store, I knew I had to make her some sparkly shoes. I already had the rest of the supplies at home, so this project only cost me two bucks! (Score!!!) Click through to see how I did it…

  • Sparkle & Shine!

    Sparkle & Shine!

    A super-easy, stylish DIY! (Make some for you, too!)

  • Supplies


    All you need is a pair of shoes in your little one’s size, lots of glitter, some tacky glue, and a paint brush. (A little bit of painter’s tape would work well, too!)

  • First things first

    First things first

    First, tape off your shoes. Cover any part that you don’t want covered in glitter. (The soles, laces, hooks, etc.)

  • Then...


    Use a paint brush to “paint” on the glue. I did this in small sections. You want a good, thick layer of tacky glue.

  • Add the glitter!

    Add the glitter!

    Then, pour on the glitter! Make sure to add a good amount. Shake it off, then add more as necessary. You may even press the glitter into the glue!

  • Keep going!

    Keep going!

    Keep painting on the glue and adding glitter… It takes some time, but the precision is worth it!

  • Cover it all

    Cover it all

    Add the glitter until the entire shoe is covered! (Double check for small spots where it may be missing!)

  • Finish both shoes!

    Finish both shoes!

    Make sure both shoes are covered and look even…

  • Let them dry!

    Let them dry!

    Let them dry for at least 24 hours. If you want, spray with a clear coat or brush with clear fingernail polish. This will hold the glitter in longer.

  • Enjoy!!


    That’s it! Your little babe will love these stylish shoes – for dress-up, or to wear out!

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