Stepping Out in Minnie Mouse Baby Slippers

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Baby Z loves to wear “eesh” — Baby Z speak for shoes. She’s pretty peculiar about the ones she wears. She’ll actually pick one pair over another. While these technically aren’t shoes, she was so eager to get her Minnie Mouse Baby Slippers on when they arrived. They slipped right on with ease and gently stayed put thanks to the elastic sewn in around the ankle. The soft boa fabric felt just like our Minnie Mouse plush doll! She got such a kick out of walking all around the house with Minnie right at her toes. I thought the 3-D ears and bow were so adorable. Z enjoyed those features too, making Minnie’s ears flap.

We have many cold, hard surfaces in our house, so I appreciated the warm and non-skid protection the slippers offered Baby Z’s little feet. The bright Minnie Mouse red make them easy for Baby Z to find in the shoe closet. I love slipping them on Z for a quick trip to pick up her sister from school. Can’t get over how soft and snuggly they are. These would make an adorable addition to a Sleepy Baby Minnie Mouse gift basket.

  • Baby Z's Got a New Pair of Shoes!

    Baby Z's Got a New Pair of Shoes!

    Baby Z steps out in her new Minnie Mouse slippers and walks straight into Cute-ville.

  • Adorable Details

    Adorable Details

    3-D ears and a red polka dot bow give these Minnie Mouse slippers details that really stand out!

  • Head to Toe Cuteness

    Head to Toe Cuteness

    Soft, non-skid soles mean comfy steps that won’t make her slip.

  • Baby Z and Minnie

    Baby Z and Minnie

    Indoors or out, Baby Z loves walking around in her Minnie Mouse slippers.

Which Disney Baby will you get these Minnie Mouse slippers for?

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