Start With Disney Baby Solids to Make Super Easy DIY Gifts for Baby Girls

Yesterday I shared my super easy DIY gift idea and gave examples for baby boys, and today I’m back to give you some baby girl ideas. When you choose a bodysuit color and add an iron-on applique, the possibilities are endless. While babies might not yet have preferences of their own, you can tailor your gift to the parents’ style, making a gift that baby can wear, but mom and dad will love, too. I was overwhelmed by all the choices of iron-ons, but found it was super simple to search for the type of applique I wanted and come up with a few solid choices that would coordinate with the color of Disney Baby Cuddly Bodysuit I wanted to pair it with. Here are my top choices for baby girls.

  • Start With Disney Baby Cuddly Bodysuits

    Start With Disney Baby Cuddly Bodysuits

    For girls, I chose the Minnie Mouse Bold Solids. I love a pop of color on a little girl, and there were a lot of iron-on appliques that would work well with these colors.

  • A Colorful Owl on Sunshiney Yellow

    A Colorful Owl on Sunshiney Yellow

    I couldn’t resist this owl with heart wings. Owls are having a heyday on all sorts of apparel and decor, and there are tons to choose from, in every color of the rainbow.

    Owl available from tadpolecreations.

  • Multi-Colored Monograms on Bright Pink

    Multi-Colored Monograms on Bright Pink

    I love that you can get both classic, single color monograms, and some in fabrics that are a little more wild.

    Monogram letters available from Labor of Love.

  • Many Matryoshkas on Pink

    Many Matryoshkas on Pink

    I have loved matryoshkas since I saw my first set as a little girl. I love that these sweet dolls are on trend right now. With this set of appliques, you can choose more than one and line them up as a little row of friends.

    Set of ten matryoshkas available from TDFT.

  • Grey and Pink Floral Elephant on Turquoise

    Grey and Pink Floral Elephant on Turquoise

    I’ve saved my favorite combination for last. There’s something about the print of this elephant on turquoise that is super sweet for a baby girl. I may have to order this one for my own baby; I don’t think I could stand to give it away.

    Now that you’ve got some ideas to go on, get to it. Your easy DIY holiday awaits!

    Floral elephant available from The Applique Finery.

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