Spring Preview For Boys & Girls (New Fashions From Disney Baby)

The spring and summer season is rolling into stores now that winter is just about over. We are longing for sun and sand over here in Ontario so I for one will be so happy to say farewell to bulky winter coats and snow pants. Some of the children’s fashion trends this year include stripes, polka dots and plenty of vintage inspiration. Disney Baby has taken note of these and included them in their new spring line!

February/March is the perfect time to start building your baby’s wardrobe for the warmer months. There is a good selection and if you see something you absolutely must-have the chances are good that you’ll be able to find it in the size you are looking for. If you wait too long you risk the chance of your favorite pieces selling out.

The only problem now? Picking your favorites. Click through for 25 looks that are super, duper adorable. Betcha can’t pick just one! ;)

  • Bambi & Miss Bunny Dress

    Bambi & Miss Bunny Dress

    I love the artwork they used of Bambi and Miss Bunny on this gorgeous dress! Ruffled organza trims and floral bloomers complete the look.

    Buy it at: Disney Store

  • Oh Mickey You're So Fine!

    Oh Mickey You're So Fine!

    A mix of woven plaid poplin and knits make up this handsome button-down featuring Mickey.

    Buy it at: Disney Store

  • Minnie & Daisy

    Minnie & Daisy

    Best friends Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck come out to play on this fashionable top complete with multi-ruffle chiffon, bejeweled details and pretty pink bows.

    Buy it at: Disney Store

  • Miss Bunny Tee

    Miss Bunny Tee

    Cuddle her in cotton, love and flowers in this sparkly tee featuring Miss Bunny.

    Buy it at: Disney Store

  • Minnie Mouse Dress

    Minnie Mouse Dress

    Three-tiers of soft tulle ruffles complete this French-inspired party dress. Pink and white stripes and even more class to this adorable outfit.

    Buy it at: JCPenney

  • Sulley


    James P. Sullivan isn’t always scary, there are times he takes the time to smile cheerfully. He likes babies more than adults so you are totally safe!

    Buy it at: Disney Store

  • It's Tee Time

    It's Tee Time

    You’ll be able to spot her in a crowd with this organic cotton Minnie Mouse tee complete with Minnie’s signature red and white polka dots.

    Buy it at: Disney Store

  • Mike Wazowski One Piece

    Mike Wazowski One Piece

    The star of Monsters, Inc. waves hello on this stylish organic cotton one-piece romper.

    Buy it at: Disney Store

  • Minnie Bubble Dress

    Minnie Bubble Dress

    Wrap your little one up in a ton of ‘happy’ with this adorable Minnie Mouse bubble dress featuring applique artwork and coordinating bloomers.

    Buy it at: Disney Store

  • The Original Mickey Since 1928

    The Original Mickey Since 1928

    Stripes and colorful appliques in bright spring colors make up this polo one piece romper. The bonus? You can have it personalized with your son’s name!

    Buy it at: Disney Store

  • Marie Tee

    Marie Tee

    All babies are a big deal and who better to display that than Marie from The Aristocats.

    Buy it at: Disney Store

  • Some Bunny Loves You

    Some Bunny Loves You

    Thumper is good at spreading the love and he does so very well with this soft and cuddly organic cotton tee.

    Buy it at: Disney Store

  • Baby Girl Polo

    Baby Girl Polo

    Minnie clearly had something to do with the design of this polo dress. With plenty of pink, ruffles and polka dots (matching bloomers included) this offers classic polo style with a cute twist.

    Buy it at: Disney Store

  • Bambi Handsomness

    Bambi Handsomness

    My son needs this outfit desperately, in fact as soon as I saw it I was pining away. The heathered button-down shirt and engineer striped pants look oh so dapper and perfect for spring!

    Buy it at: Disney Store

  • Smocked Perfection

    Smocked Perfection

    I’ve always loved smocked dresses. There is something about this classic design that is so wholesome and sweet. I love how Disney is bringing it back with this vintage-inspired Bambi dress.

    Buy it at: Disney Store

  • Boo!


    The only thing frightful about this Monsters, Inc. romper is how incredibly CUTE your daughter will look when she wears it.

    Buy it at: Disney Store

  • White as Snow, Red as Cherries

    White as Snow, Red as Cherries

    You could never tell that this dress was actually a bodysuit unless your little one did a somersault. The embroidered lace detailing and ruffled wing sleeves make this an enchanted outfit for your fair baby.

    Buy it at: Disney Store

  • Bambi Polo

    Bambi Polo

    Polo tees look smashing don’t they? This one is especially so with a Bambi applique in the corner.

    Buy it at: Disney Store

  • Missy Bunny's Beautiful

    Missy Bunny's Beautiful

    Miss Bunny caused quite a stir in Bambi and she’s doing it again on this cuddly bodysuit featuring Grow-an-Inch snaps.

    Buy it at: Disney Store

  • Little Blossoms, Big Dreams

    Little Blossoms, Big Dreams

    How sweet is this yellow, red and white bodysuit? Ideal for spring you can pair this with pants or have her roam bottom free for hot summer days. The Grow-an-Inch snaps give you an extra size – ideal for growing babies!

    Buy it at: Disney Store

  • Pretty Vintage

    Pretty Vintage

    This delightful coral dress features a vintage applique art and delicate lace trims and ruffles. Personally I think the collar makes it. Isn’t this dress as cute as can be?

    Buy it at: Disney Store

  • Snow White & Apple Blossoms

    Snow White & Apple Blossoms

    I’m really loving the whole vintage feel Disney has implemented into their fashions for baby girls. The dresses from yesteryear have always been so incredibly charming, just like this Snow White inspired dress complete with a red bow and apple blossoms.

    Buy it at: Disney Store

  • Dressy Bodysuit

    Dressy Bodysuit

    Blue and white stripes get a pop of fun and color with bright appliqued flowers and a vintage-era Minnie!

    Buy it at: Disney Store

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