Real Disney Baby Style: Fern Winter

Disney sent me a box of comfy separates for Fern, so we decided to have a little fashion photo shoot! Now that she’s crawling it’s a little trickier to snap a clear photo, but still fun. A lot of the items were quite a bit frillier and more pink than I would usually choose myself, but I had fun styling them up in ways that would work for us and I think the final look is fun!

  • Real Disney Baby Style: Fern Winter

    Real Disney Baby Style: Fern Winter

    Pink usually isn’t my thing, but when Disney sent me a little care package for Fern that included this little pink vest, I took the pink as a style challenge. How could I make it a little less “girly” to suit my taste?

  • Borrow from the boys!

    Borrow from the boys!

    One of my favorite styling tricks for baby girls is to borrow pieces from the boy’s to temper super feminine details (i.e. pink + Minnie Mouse print). This black hoodie is from Disney Baby’s boys collection, but I think it’s a great gender neutral piece – so soft and cozy!

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  • Layer!


    I love layering as an adult, so why not do it with a little one? It was a cold day, so I paired a long sleeved white bodysuit with a black Disney Baby short-sleeved bodysuit and then the hoodie and vest. I think the combo works well and it’s nice and warm.

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  • Above all consider comfort!

    Above all consider comfort!

    I like my baby to look cute and put together, but sometimes it just isn’t practical. Choosing cotton fabrics really helps to keep baby cute and comfortable when they’re on the go.

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