Pins of the Week: DIY Baby

From cute bow headbands to baby legs and a story time nook. Browse a few of the most-loved pins on Pinterest this week and get ready to get your craft on.

  • Cute Little Bow Headbands

    Cute Little Bow Headbands

    A little girl can never have enough heabands. It’s even better when you can make them yourself!

    Tutorial via Lonie Mae

  • Handmade Play Tent

    Handmade Play Tent

    With just $20 and a curtain rod you can create the perfect nook for your Little.

    Tutorial via Apartment Therapy

  • Baby Name Decor

    Baby Name Decor

    Would you ever guess the base of this project is a piece of cardboard? Turn it into an adorable piece of DIY decor for the nursery.

    Tutorial via Homemade By Jill

  • DIY Diaper Strap

    DIY Diaper Strap

    No need to rummage through your diaper bag anymore. Just whip up a handy diaper strap to keep it all in one place.

    Tutorial via Cally Craze

  • Pacifier Clip Pretties

    Pacifier Clip Pretties

    Can they be any cuter? The perfect accessory for every binky!

    Tutorial via See Kate Sew

  • Circle Skirt

    Circle Skirt

    Oh. my. gosh. Can we say perfection? Circle skirts are perfect for any season too and with this simple DIY project you can add a few to your Littles wardrobe.

    Tutorial via Dana Made It

  • Baby Legs

    Baby Legs

    Little baby leggings make diaper changes a breeze and are perfect, even in the winter, for around the house.

    Tutorial via Sisters Suitcase

  • You Are Loved Sign

    You Are Loved Sign

    Made from a few wood pallets, it’s the perfect project for the nursery.

    Tutorial via Corner House Blog

  • Faux Chenille Blanket

    Faux Chenille Blanket

    Not only is this a great project for your little one, it makes an easy go-to gift for a baby shower.

    Tutorial via Dana Made It

  • Crystal Mobile

    Crystal Mobile

    Oh-so-pretty! An easy DIY beauty for the little lady in your life.

    Tutorial via Corner House Blog

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