Piercing Baby’s Ears: Why We Pierced Our Daughter’s Ears at 3 Weeks Old

At 3 weeks old, I took my daughter to her pediatrician and got her ears pierced. I would have pierced them even earlier, had I been able to. You see, the day after I gave birth to my baby girl (once I had recovered enough to come out of my daze), I asked a hospital nurse if the hospital did ear piercings for babies. I was told they no longer offered that option to parents, but that I could follow-up with my daughter’s pediatrician. I did just that and my daughter’s ears were pierced when she was only 3 weeks old. Some may think that’s too young, but it is customary in my culture to pierce a baby girl’s ears as an infant.

Pierced Baby Girl's EarsSource: Everett Harper/Flickr


My own ears were pierced before my parents left the hospital with me. All the females in my family have pierced ears and have had them ever since I can remember. Growing up, I always found it strange when I met a girl that didn’t have her ears pierced and wondered why she/her parents had waited. As I got older, I understood the reasoning – it was almost like a ritual and sign of the girl growing into a lady. But, I always wondered – did it hurt to have their ears pierced at a later age?

A friend of mine explored the tradition of piercing a baby’s ears versus waiting until the girl is older and shared her reasons for piercing her daughter’s ears as a baby. I agree with many of her reasons, but mostly the one about baby not remembering any pain. In fact, my baby girl cried for the slightest minute after her ears were pierced before she calmed down. It honestly surprised me how fast she stopped crying.

I am glad we pierced my baby’s ears as an infant and that we had a smooth experience. For our family, it’s what worked. Now, at almost seven-years-old, my baby girl loves wearing earrings!

What about you? Do you plan to pierce your baby’s ears as an infant or wait until she’s older? Have you pierced them already? Share your experience and reasons with us!

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