On Matching Your Baby

It is my esteemed opinion that dressing to match your baby is fully within your rights as a parent. What say you? Here are some tips:

    • If subtlety is your game, try a coordinating color combination. Cool colors, warm colors, or bounce off his checkered top with your own set of stripes. Have fun with it! Nobody will notice probably but you’ll feel like such a team. Go team! Rah rah!
    • Sometimes it happens by accident. This is how you know you’re the best mom ever.
    • Sometimes you get your baby dressed and you realize you have the exact outfit in your own wardrobe. Are you tempted? Do you resist? I say, dress like twins now before he’s old enough to argue! This is your time, mama! 

Matching your babies is probably the best reason to have them in the first place. Now go forth with my blessing! Match away!

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