Not Finding Out the Gender? Here Are 5 Perfect Baby Gifts

To find out or not to find out? That is the question.

Before ever becoming pregnant, I always thought of myself as the kind of person who’d wait to find out my baby’s gender. The anticipation! The excitement! That long-awaited moment in the delivery room when the doctor announces, “It’s a boy!”

Let’s face it, though. I’m the kind of person who reads the last page of the novel first. Let’s just say that delayed gratification is not my strong suit.

Despite my fantasies, I found out my babies’ genders as soon as possible during both of my pregnancies.

Not everyone’s like me, which is a good thing for many reasons other than my need for immediate gratification. As it turns out, my brother and his wife aren’t like me. They’re expecting their first baby in January and even though they have their suspicions about the gender, they’re waiting to find out.

Here’s the thing, though. Selecting gender-neutral baby gifts can be kind of tricky. Luckily Disney Baby has me covered. Check out my favorite gender-neutral gifts.

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