NICU Diaries: 10 Disney Products for Your Preemie Baby

As we continue to adjust to life in the NICU, my husband and I have begun to really take stock of what our baby – and we as his new parents – need most during this unexpected experience. However you can establish normalcy is key to the NICU experience, so here are my top ten picks for Disney products suitable for any preemie baby and his or her parents.

  • Disney Products for Preemies

    Disney Products for Preemies

    Making life in the NICU more “normal” is important for any parent of a preemie. Why not add a touch of Disney magic to your experience if you can?

  • Swaddle Duo Pack by SwaddleDesigns

    Your preemie baby will likely be swaddled. Rather than using the same old hospital blankets, add a warm personal touch by bringing some sweet, soft blankets like these.

    Buy it at SwaddleDesigns

  • Mickey Mouse 3 Pack Receiving Blankets

    When your preemie finally gets out of his isolette, snuggle with his in these soft receiving blankets. These are also a must for any visitor who wishes to hold your little one as well.

    Buy it at the Disney Store

  • Mickey Mouse Picture Frame

    It’s easier for preemie babies to focus on faces, so help personalize your little one’s room by adding photos of family members and loved ones.

    Buy it at Hallmark

  • Disney Baby Lullaby Album

    The sounds of the NICU can be overwhelming, from many voices to alarms and beeps and bells. Play some soothing music for your preemie baby, such as this album of charming Disney tunes.

    Buy it at iTunes

  • Disney Cuddly Wrap Tee Shirts

    When your preemie baby might be hooked up to an IV or tiny blood pressure cuff on his feet, having a soft, easily changeable wrap tee shirt is a must. It’s also good for both you and baby to personalize his care when you can by bringing in items of your own – tags removed and washed, of course.

    Buy it at Amazon

  • Busy Baby Book

    Even though your baby might have arrived early, there’s no reason you can’t start engaging with her developmentally. Simple, bright board books like this one from Disney provide a great opportunity to engage and bond with your preemie baby.

    Buy it at Amazon

  • Mickey Mouse Cap and Booties Set

    Preemie babies sometimes have a little trouble regulating their body temperature on their own. Make sure baby is nice and warm by outfitting him with an adorable little hat and booties!

    Buy it at Kmart (In store only)

  • Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergent

    NICU babies can be very sensitive to harsh detergents and dyes, so as you wash anything you might bring your preemie, use a hypoallergenic, dye and fragrance-free detergent like this one from Baby ECOS.

    Buy it at Amazon

  • Mickey and Minnie Foaming Hand Wash

    As a parent of a preemie, you’ll do a lot of handwashing. Why not get some soap that’s kind on your hands?

    Buy it at Method

  • HUGGIES Little Snugglers Diapers for Preemies

    It’s amazing just how tiny they can make diapers, like these preemie sizes from Huggies! Stock up now, because you’ll always need more than you think.

    Buy it at Amazon

Parents of preemies: how did you make life a little more “normal” during your NICU stay? Share in the comments!

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