My Toddler’s Favorite Things About Disney World

My daughter Fern and I spent that past few days at Disney World in Florida with my parents and we had such an amazing time! It was the first time any of us had been to Disney World, so we all had our favorites, but here were a few things that my little one liked most about our trip.

  • Her Mickey shirt

    Her Mickey shirt

    She kept pointing to the Mickey Mouse on her t-shirt all day to point out its awesomeness, lest I forget.

  • Having the best seat in the house

    Having the best seat in the house

    Having her grandpa along for the trip made things extra fun for Fern, because she had the best seat in the house for all the parades and attractions. Grandpa is much taller than mommy, so his shoulder rides are much more fun.

  • The castle

    The castle

    Way larger than the castle at Disneyland and a non-stop thoroughfare for Disney guests, Fern loved it!

  • The parade

    The parade

    The parade was definitely a favorite for my little lady. She loved seeing all the dancing, singing and characters pass by!

  • Seeing Mickey and Minnie on EVERYTHING

    Seeing Mickey and Minnie on EVERYTHING

    Obviously when one goes to a Disney theme park they can expect to see Disney characters everywhere and Fern was in heaven. She spent a good chunk of the trip excitedly pointing to everything Minnie and Mickey that she noticed since they are her favorites.

  • The pool

    The pool

    We stayed at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn and it was fantastic! The pool was her favorite and she loved this fun water spray elephant.

  • The Dumbo ride

    The Dumbo ride

    Flying up and down…what toddler doesn’t love that?

  • The electrical parade

    The electrical parade

    The electrical parade was so cool and Fern was especially fond of Pete’s (massive) Dragon. Flashing lights + music = a toddler’s dream come true.

  • The Toy Story ride

    The Toy Story ride

    This was a fun one for kids and adults and I could’ve ridden this at least 20 more times.

  • Meeting Minnie and Mickey

    Meeting Minnie and Mickey

    This was probably her most favorite part of the trip (aside from Animal Kingdom which she loved, but I didn’t get photos of, since she went with the grandparents while I stayed behind). It was her very first time meeting Mickey Mouse and she was so excited!

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