My, How They Grow!

I am not the most consistent when it comes to taking pictures of my kids each week, or even each month.  You’re probably familiar with those lapsed photos of babies sitting in the same position or chair and each month their photo is snapped to see the progress in their growth?  Well, I’m probably never going to do that because I just have a bad memory.  But I have recently found a way to sort of track my son’s growth.  One day as I was getting him dressed in a bodysuit that had just a few weeks before, fit him so loosely it was almost falling off of him, I decided to snap a picture to compare the two.  Turns out, in just a matter of weeks, the growth he had was incredible!  So I started taking more pictures like this and comparing him in different outfits or areas.  Here’s a few of my favorites.

  • Chub and Skin Tone

    Chub and Skin Tone

    This shot on the left was taken when Hayden was about 8 weeks old and had just started to smile and grin the tiniest bit. The shot on the right was taken at about 18 weeks old and the thing I notice most about the change is not just the cute little thigh chubbiness, but also his skin tone. Early on he was still very red looking but now his skin tone has evened out a bit and is more of an all over fair color. His sweet smile has definitely developed as well, and is now capable of melting my heart at any given moment.

  • Diaper Dude

    Diaper Dude

    I love looking at this almost naked picture of him for so many reasons! You can see that his skinny little legs have plumped up quite a bit. We’ve begun using cloth diapers since we are not changing diapers as often, and the biggest change I notice is how much more in control of his hands and arms he is. On the left his arms just sort of flopped and flailed around, but on the right you can see he moves them deliberately and with control, almost always putting them in his mouth.

  • Bath Time!

    Bath Time!

    The picture on the left is of Hayden’s very first bath when he was just a couple of weeks old! The one on the left is when he is about 11 weeks old, so still quite young, but what a difference! He almost doesn’t even look like the same baby he had plumped up so fast!

  • Not So Sleepy

    Not So Sleepy

    5 versus 19 weeks. It seems so long ago that we would lay Hayden down and almost immediately he would start getting drowsy and dose off. In about 14 weeks he has not only grown and developed so much that he is now wide awake, alert and attentive! He tracks me at all times now and looks straight into the camera for picture time!

  • Mr. Personality!

    Mr. Personality!

    Not only are his legs filling out here in this picture, but boy, you can really see his personality is starting to develop and shine through! Week 3 versus week 12 saw his personality develop by leaps and bounds!

  • What Happened To That Little Baby?

    What Happened To That Little Baby?

    Week 2 versus week 14 and he had pretty much completely grown out of this sweet striped gown! Before you couldn’t even see his feet peeking out, and a several weeks later he was ready to burst out of it!

So how do you track your baby’s growth?  Via pictures, a baby book, your iPhone, or a journal?  Please share!

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