My Cute and Squishy Mickey Mouse

We recently received the Mickey Mouse Costume Bodysuit and Cap set for my baby boy who is just over 4 months old, and it’s become one of our favorite outfits.  It’s soft and warm, grows with him with the extra set of “grow an inch” snaps, and looks pretty adorable on.  I snapped a few pictures of him wearing his bodysuit recently and I couldn’t help but not share them with you all.  He’s the cutest Mickey Mouse I’ve ever seen!

  • Happy Mickey!

    Happy Mickey!

    Hayden is my third baby and while all my babies have been so cute and sweet, Hayden is definitely the easiest to make smile and laugh. All you have to do is just look at him and smile, and he’ll smile right back at you!

  • Always Curious

    Always Curious

    Daddy walked into the room when we were taking pictures and he immediately had to avert his attention to see what Dad was up to. He continues to grow and develop new skills and tricks almost every day!

  • Growing Baby

    Growing Baby

    I love seeing how chunky his little thighs are getting with each passing day, and I love that the long sleeve bodysuit still keeps him warm when at home, but shows off those cute legs!

  • Double Chin

    Double Chin

    When Hayden gets really excited you can see it in his whole body! I love the way his head and shoulder squishes up to create an adorable double (or is that a triple) chin!

  • His Hands Are His Favorite

    His Hands Are His Favorite

    Hayden is absolutely fascinated with his hands right now! It’s proving difficult to keep them away from his face or out of his mouth.

  • Giggles All Around

    Giggles All Around

    Nothing is sweeter than hearing him giggle.

  • Will It Still Fit At Halloween?

    Will It Still Fit At Halloween?

    Gosh I would love for him to wear this for Halloween this year? All I would need is for our good friend to dress her baby girl up as Minnie Mouse and they’d be the cutest pair around!

  • Those Baby Blues

    Those Baby Blues

    I love how the black cap really makes his baby blue eyes stand out. Those eyes get me every time!

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