Lucky Stars | 7 Handmade and DIY Star Pieces for Babies

Happy month of luck! In honor of all things lucky, I’ve compiled some adorable lucky star pieces for babies. Some are handmade, some are DIY, all are pretty cool. Click through to see them all…

  • Lucky Stars Outfit for New Baby

    Lucky Stars Outfit for New Baby

    Isn’t this kitted baby outfit the sweetest thing? This would make such a sweet baby shower gift for a spring baby.
    Tender Blue

  • Lucky Stars Bow Tie

    Lucky Stars Bow Tie

    Thank your lucky stars that there are such adorable baby bow ties out there. If it were up to me, my little boy would live in these bow ties.
    Lovely Willow

  • Lucky Star Crown for a Lucky Lady

    Lucky Star Crown for a Lucky Lady

    Isn’t this sparkly metallic star crown magical? I think a lot of little girls would love one of these. Or it could be the finishing touch on a gorgeous Easter outfit ensemble.
    Liv Couture

  • Thank the Heavens for Lucky Stars

    Thank the Heavens for Lucky Stars

    I love constellation things, my son’s nursery is “midnight sky” themed. So I instantly fell for this constellation bodysuit.
    A Little Lark

  • DIY Star Baby Leggings

    DIY Star Baby Leggings

    Did you know how easy it is to use a potato to make geometric prints on baby leggings? Neither did I, until I saw this great tutorial. Click the link below to learn how to do it yourself!

    Little Frills

  • Vintage Stars Headband

    Vintage Stars Headband

    Is your little girl more of a vintage style lover? Then this lucky stars headband might be a perfect fit. I could see this with an ivory colored Easter dress.
    Liv Couture

  • Lucky Star Legwarmers

    Lucky Star Legwarmers

    The weather is still a bit chilly outside, even thought we’re springing forward. So keep those little stems warm with legwarmers. These star ones are especially festive.
    Keep Calm, Buy Handmade


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