Lovely Handmade Items To Fill An Easter Basket

When it comes to Easter baskets, the main item of interest tends to be candy, but when you have a baby who can’t eat candy yet, you may be left feeling like you don’t have many options for filling their basket. If you’re a little stumped about what to put in your babe’s basket, I’ve got plenty of lovely, handmade ideas to share with you. Rest assured your baby’s Easter basket will be full of adorable, fun items!

  • Lovely Handmade Items To Fill An Easter Basket

    Lovely Handmade Items To Fill An Easter Basket

    Think outside the box when it comes to your Baby’s Easter basket – click through for creative, handmade items to fill their basket with a bit of fun and a lot of cuteness!

  • Soft Toy Bunny

    Soft Toy Bunny

    I love this little European looking soft toy bunny – you can order one in a variety of patterns to boot! So cute and the perfect size for little hands.

    Purchase for $58.00 from Zazo Mini on Etsy

  • Little Bunny Slippers Pattern

    Little Bunny Slippers Pattern

    If you’re feeling crafty, you can try your hand at crocheting up these adorable little bunny slippers – the bows are so sweet!

    Purchase for $5.50 from Two Girls Patterns on Etsy

  • Easter Bunny T-Shirt

    Easter Bunny T-Shirt

    A subtle nod to the Easter bunny, but in a color scheme that can be worn beyond Easter Sunday.

    Purchase for $20.00 from Charlie and Sarah on Etsy

  • Waldorf Wooden Eggs

    Waldorf Wooden Eggs

    I love wooden toys and a set of these would be so fun for a little one to sort in their Easter basket.

    Purchase for $16.00 from HC Woodcraft on Etsy

  • Bunny Hair Clips

    Bunny Hair Clips

    These little clips would be so adorable paired with an Easter dress, but will work as a cute accessory year-round as well.

    Purchase for $5.00 from Pink Geek’s Boutique on Etsy

  • Hide-and-Seek Crochet Chick + Egg

    Hide-and-Seek Crochet Chick + Egg

    A fun and interactive basket stuffer – little ones will be endlessly entertained by playing peek-a-boo with the little chick in its egg.

    Purchase for $9.50 from Amy’s Cute Creations on Etsy

  • Bow Ties

    Bow Ties

    Perfect for the little man in your life; because what is cuter than a baby in a bow tie?

    Purchase for $7.50 from Sew Cozy Kids on Etsy

  • Suspenders


    These little suspenders are too cute for words, so I’ll just let their lovely spring patterns do all the talking.

    Purchase for $18.45 from Petite Peanut on Etsy

  • Bunny Bib

    Bunny Bib

    Yet another example of how an Easter item can be cute and functional – this leather bib is adorable and easily wiped down for mealtime clean ups.

    Purchase for $39.95 from Mally Designs on Etsy

  • Easter Crayons

    Easter Crayons

    Chunky crayons in cute Easter shapes are perfect for littles just learning to color. Even if it’s just scribbling, they’ll still have fun.

    Purchase for $8.00 from Ivy Lane Designs on Etsy

  • Bunny Leggings

    Bunny Leggings

    Bunny knee patches are the epitome of sweetness – these may look like they’re for big kids only, but they start at size 12 months.

    Purchase for $27.00 from The Trendy Tot on Etsy

  • Wooden Rabbit

    Wooden Rabbit

    Give your little one something personalized in their basket with this pretty wooden bunny teething toy. Your little teether will thank you.

    Purchase for $16.00 from Smiling Tree Toys on Etsy

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