Last Minute Inspiration for Baby’s First Halloween!

Halloween is almost here. And just in case you still aren’t sure what kind of costume to do with your kiddos (Lion? Tiger? Bear? Oh my!) here are 10 adorably true life costume ideas to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing! These were sent in from real parents showing off the creative costume ideas they did with their babies for their first Halloween. Click through and tell me your favorites!

  • Baby Olive the Giraffe

    Baby Olive the Giraffe

    Little Olive is the most adorable giraffe I’ve ever seen! Check out local second-hand shops for great deals on one piece costumes like this. Or ask your mom friends to do a swap with costumes they’ve used in the past. Thanks to Olive’s mom, Angela, for sending in this sweet photo!

  • Baby Bowie the Cheeseburger

    Baby Bowie the Cheeseburger

    How adorable is little Bowie as a cheeseburger? Wanna use this idea for your last minute costume? You could easily create your own cheeseburger costume using felt fabric from the local craft shop! Thanks to Bowie’s mom, Angelica, for sharing this inspiring photo!

  • Baby Cameron the Monkey

    Baby Cameron the Monkey

    Have you ever seen a cuter little monkey than Cameron? The banana ads for the perfect photo op! You could pick up a cute outfit like this at your local costume shop or you could put one together yourself with a monkey hat and brown top and pants. Don’t forget the banana! Thanks to Cameron’s mom, Nikki, for sharing this photo!

  • Baby Eli as

    Baby Eli as "David the Gnome"

    Baby Eli went as the adorable character “David the Gnome” complete with this own little fox. Copy this idea by using felt to create a gnome cap and white hair! Thanks to Eli’s mom, Amy, for sharing this photo!

  • Baby Peter the Pirate

    Baby Peter the Pirate

    Baby Peter was a (not so scary) pirate for Halloween and couldn’t be cuter! Love the idea? You could create this costume with some simple DIY-ing. Iron-on skull and bones onto a black banana and snatch up some striped pants and you’re good to go! Thanks to Peter’s mom, Melissa, for sharing this photo!

  • Baby Emmalyn as Minnie Mouse

    Baby Emmalyn as Minnie Mouse

    Emmalyn couldn’t be cuter as a mini Minnie Mouse. Want to pay homage to Disney this Halloween? You can pick up all kinds of cute Minnie Mouse goods in the Disney Baby shop! Thanks to Emmalyn’s mom, Sarah, for sending this photo!

  • Baby Brody the (Not So Scary) Monster

    Baby Brody the (Not So Scary) Monster

    I am a sucker for colorful and fun monster garb for kids. I love this not-so-scary monster outfit for baby’s first Halloween! Thanks to Brody’s mom, Carly, for sending in this photo!

  • Baby Caroline the Cute Little Bug

    Baby Caroline the Cute Little Bug

    I love this pink and yellow little bug costume. Check out your local baby consignment shops for great last minute deals on adorable costumes like this! Thanks so much to Caroline’s mom, Peyton, for sending in this photo!

  • Baby Eric the UPS Man

    Baby Eric the UPS Man

    This is so fun and creative! Little Eric is just the most adorable delivery man I’ve ever seen! Think outside of the box and your costume ideas are limitless! Thanks to Eric’s dad, Gabriel, for sending in this photo!

  • Little Lola the Ladybug

    Little Lola the Ladybug

    Little Lola the Ladybug looks so snuggly in her polkadotted outfit! Love this idea? Pair a red hoodie with a black tutu and add on some black spots with paint of felt and you’re good to go. Maybe some pipe cleaner antennae? So cute! Thanks to Lola’s mom, Carly, for sharing this photo!


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