It’s Breakfast Baby! ~ Eggs & Bacon, Fruit & Potato Costumes For Babies

Babies for breakfast? No, no it’s not what you think! My fellow colleague, Amy Heinz put together a fabulous post highlighting some food costumes for babies and in light of her finds, I wanted to focus on the most important meal of the day breakfast. Some of these finds are quirky and cute, while others – like the orange costume – are just plain gorgeous.

  • Eggs With a Side Of Bacon

    Eggs With a Side Of Bacon

    Eggs are delicious and oh so good for you. The Eggsie body suit transforms your baby into a breakfast favorite with it’s simple design. This little outfit is cleverly packaged in a plastic egg. Too cute!

    Would you like a side of bacon with that? Consider purchasing the bacon pillow set for a real cute photo opp.

  • Sack O' Taters

    Sack O' Taters

    Pot-a-toe Pot-ah-to, regardless of how you pronounce it, this vegetable is a breakfast staple. This ‘Sack O’ Taters‘ costume is quite soft and mimics the look of burlap without the itchiness.

  • Banana Baby

    Banana Baby

    Breakfast wouldn’t be breakfast without some fruit and this crocheted set made from soft yarn is just perfect for newborns.

  • Orange You Cute!

    Orange You Cute!

    The bursts of orange and peach tulle remind me of sectiond orange segments, and the green adds a pop of ‘freshness’. Add in a hat and you have the perfect little orange costume.

  • Salt 'n Peppa

    Salt 'n Peppa

    Breakfast is not complete without seasonings and of course you need two ;). This outfit set is ideal for twins or two babies close in age.

    Each body suit features the “S” and “P” in alternating white/black and the hat is hand dyed to a brushed steel and appliqued with eco felt for an authentic look.

  • Sweet Strawberry

    Sweet Strawberry

    Made from eco-felt, this strawberry costume is as sweet as can be! The head band ‘stem’ and greenery around the neck are trimmed with flowers for a touch of pretty.

  • Watermelon Baby

    Watermelon Baby

    It’s simple, stretchy design makes this watermelon costume a good choice for movement whether your baby is crawling or toddling.

  • My Little Cupcake

    My Little Cupcake

    Do you like muffins? I do. Especially cupcakes! This cupcake cape and hat set is too, too sweet and simply perfect for a newborn photoshoot.

  • Cherry Tomato

    Cherry Tomato

    The detail on this hand stitched two-toned green hat tops off the entire tomato outfit. A bright red ensures that your tomato is ‘ripe for picking’ and ready for breakfast!

  • Grape Beanie

    Grape Beanie

    Babies are little round things and so are grapes really. When it comes down to the costume, all you really need is a hat. This one is hand knit using a hypoallergenic acrilyc yarn.

If you are looking for something that isn’t of the ‘norm’ and is quite unique, then I think these costumes are definitely for you. Have twins? I’ve got you covered their too. Check out slide for the cutest food-inspired twin costume around.

Have you picked out your baby’s Halloween costume yet? Would love to hear your picks in the comments below!

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