Is a Bodysuit a Complete Outfit?

You will not be surprised to hear that Texas is a pretty hot place to live.

And, of course, for a baby who isn’t as good at regulating her temperature as an adult, it’s extra warm. We see many rosy cheeks around our house during the summer.

So, for my baby, bodysuits are my go-to outfit during the hottest months of the year. They are quick to get her dressed in, and the range of colors and designs is endless.

Baby in BodysuitAlso, they don’t ride up into her armpits or get all scrunched during a stroller ride. I’ve also discovered that when I dress her in a shirt, she grabs the hem and sucks on it until half the shirt is soaked through.

Really, the only downside of a bodysuit is that I have to be careful that the hot car seat buckle doesn’t burn her exposed thighs.

I’ve heard people say that they don’t consider a bodysuit a complete outfit and they wouldn’t take their child in public without adding pants or a skirt or shorts or some other item to finish it off. I’d never even considered it!

What are your thoughts? Does a bodysuit stand alone or does it need something else to complete the outfit?

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