How To Get Great Family Photos: 8 Tips From a Pro

Recently we had the privilege of having family photos taken by our wonderful photographer friend Caroline of Coeur de La Photography. I was so excited to get updated photos, because we don’t often get photos of the three of us all together and the experience was fantastic – totally quick, painless and cry-free! Afterward, I decided to ask Caroline to share some of her tips for helping people to maximize their family photo shoots so they might be able to have a great experience like ours. She was more than happy to oblige and these are the fantastic tips she had to share!

  • How To Get Great Family Photos: 8 Tips From a Pro

    How To Get Great Family Photos: 8 Tips From a Pro

    Click through for some great tips from professional photographer Caroline Dahlberg of Coeur de La Photography that will help you get your best possible family photos!

  • 1. Be yourselves

    1. Be yourselves

    If I can offer a few tips of advice for a successful shoot with your photographer the number one most important thing is to be yourselves. This means let your kids be kids. If they want to wear their favorite character rain boots…let them! I feel that when you look back at your photos most likely you will smile, laugh, and remember your child for who they were when the photo was taken.

  • 2. No matchy matchiness

    2. No matchy matchiness

    Do not match in that “lets all wear green, white, or black” kind of way. But, do coordinate, color block, and have fun with pops of color. Most importantly wear clothes you can move in, that you feel comfortable in, and even bring several options to give each photo series a different feel. Scarves are perfect for this.

  • 3. Have fun

    3. Have fun

    Have fun! Be goofy, bring fun props, and don’t take things too seriously.

  • 4. Be ready

    4. Be ready

    Shoots with kids are fast paced and often the first 10 minutes of the shoot kids will be ready to smile and eager to pay attention and it is often the parents that are tense and are looking away. So parents, be ready!!!

  • 5. Location, location, location

    5. Location, location, location

    Take your photos in a spot that means something to you. Your backyard, your living room, your favorite park, in front of your house, your favorite coffee shop. Your photos will serve as a vignette of your life. A glimpse into your everyday and I promise they will mean so much more than if they are taken in a studio or an unfamiliar place.

  • 6. Choose your photographer wisely

    6. Choose your photographer wisely

    Make sure your photographer enjoys photographing kids. Ask other friends who have taken their family photos, who they would recommend, and why? Word of mouth is a precious thing.

  • 7. Consider time of day

    7. Consider time of day

    Take photos right after nap time. Often I find that this is a perfect time for photos. Little ones are happy and well rested.

  • 8. Enjoy!

    8. Enjoy!

    Last but not least, have fun, get creative, and let your family be themselves.

Photos taken by Caroline of Coeur de La Photography

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